Photo Credit: Boni Manalili

I don’t know if I love this feeling or not.

Hours from now, I’ll be leaving home, a place I’m sure I belong. Anyone can relate to the feeling of leaving the place where you grew up. The place that is attached to you in a way that’s hard to explain but almost sacred in experiencing. I’ll surely miss this place. Once again, I’m reminded that there is no place like home.

I’ll go to Cebu for three months, I’m not afraid of the place because I've been there on my internship while I’m on college. Lovely place, lovely people and lovely experience. I’ll be reunited again on a rich culture with much of the Filipino values are still thriving. If a tourist ask me where the best place to visit on the Philippines is, I would say to them that they better visit Cebu. I’m not a traveler myself, but I’m in awe of Cebu even on my dreams.

The book ‘Who moved my cheese?’ was a sure help in dealing with my feelings right now. The book's message is so profound and it helps a lot of people in accepting the changes in our lives: small or large. I must not nurture the feelings of leaving home, instead I must focus on what I can do on the new place and how can I have an impact there. Don’t live on the past, it’s only an illusion, the day to live is today.

I now have the chance to be reunited with the people I've known there. My mentors, coworkers, church mates or even strangers who treated me as a family. Their greetings, hugs (I don’t want to be hugged, but I think I will do it this time) and presence will be a special thing for me. I know somehow, that I’ll find a home there.

I’ll leave home but I’ll go the place to which will I call home soon.


Jordan Enerez said...


Jordan here, eto naba ung book nio????

Bonifacio III Manalili said...

Hindi, blog post lang to

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