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I was in a mall here in Cebu one Saturday to buy personal supplies for the coming month. After paying for my purchases, I walked out of the counter decided to go home because it’s almost 7:00 in the evening. As I walked, I've noticed a child with disability with his feet. His feet are not the same in length and have been atrophied because he can’t use it, he’s using a walker. I stood there for few minutes just looking at the child with mixed emotions for him. First, I've felt sorry for his condition. Why? Why does he need to endure this kind of thing? I empathize with him even though I don't know if he will appreciate such feeling from a stranger.

But then, my outlook completely changed when I saw the man walking with the child. He's a man, probably in his thirties and has the same features with the child: tan skin, short neck and black hair – obviously he's the child’s father. He was right there walking beside him.

The child was smiling and full of vigor. He seem to be freer than anyone in the mall. Curious onlookers are ignored, the important thing is he was with his father. And the disability does not interfere with the simple bonding of a father and a child.

I know you can see how it relate to God and us, if you believe in Him. But I won’t focus the rest of this article to that direction. One thought that whispered to my mind was a truth that Joel Osteen said of people who are in hardship but still continue in the game of life, “They are hurting, but still in the game.”

“He’s hurting, but still in the game.” I hope that truth would make a profound impact to anyone who spend the time to read this article. In day to day basis, we all know that we're experiencing pain and disappointment that whispers, or even shouts that we better just sit in the sideline of life. Pain inflicts more than pain, it also paralyze. The challenge is to face it with the same courage and optimism that child possess. He has a legitimate reason  to stay home than walk with his father, but he still do. People like that deserves admiration.

Every day, I’m confronted with the same reality of life, there are hurts and things that I don’t want to be there around me but will still continue if I didn't take the firm decision to take a step and be back in the game of life. One gift is that we have family that’s right there to be with us in times when we smile or frown, to encourage us when we are trying, to cry with us when we failed, and to celebrate with us when we succeed. And I hope that even a complete stranger like me can encourage you to take that decision and move, to be there and live.

Life is not made to be comfortable, it’s made to be confrontable.

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wow sir ...nakarelate ako dun ah...Amen!

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Amen! Thank you po sa paalala. :))

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