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It’s still vivid in my memory the early mornings I’m riding my bicycle in our backyard seventeen years ago. I’ll just play like crazy knowing there are eyes that cares deeply, there is a person who delights in me in spite of my imperfections - it’s my father.

He’s a kind of father who doesn't speak much. He taught me values but not much in words but through his actions. I can count in my fingers the number of times he uttered the words ‘I love you’ to me, but I can never count the number of moments he was looking at me and saying with his gesture that I’m cared for, I’m loved.

More than any person in the world, my father is the one who introduced me to God. Though he never spoke any theological points to me, the love with no strings attached that he gave to me is an undeniable proof for the existence of a loving Father.

Unconditional love, where it came came from? From my father? I believe every good things, every act of grace, every love in spite of anything comes from a Father who loves separate from any conditions.

Life is unfair, you don’t have to study philosophy to know that. Our experiences are shouting at us every day that this life have blemishes. But we also hear whispers from the love of our family, friends and strangers that someday, somehow life would be perfect and beautiful with no shadows.

I don’t have an idea what’s the issues and questions you are facing in your life right now, but try to find something that reflects beauty. Maybe it’s the presence of your friends, the concern of your mother, or the smile of a child who receives everything with laughter. To sound religious or to be a shallow optimist in saying this is not my intention. I simply believe deep inside that no matter how bad the situation is, there’s still flower in the rain. They are maybe hidden from your eyes, but it will never be hidden from the sight of your heart.

Would you dare to try, to open your eyes to some things or persons who reflects grace and gifts of this precious life?


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