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I’ll read another chapter. I’ll visit blogs. I’ll check the reviews of MacBook Pro. I’ll listen to latest Michael Hyatt podcast. I’ll tweet. I’ll watch the latest news. I’ll defragment my hard disk. I’ll play with the dog. Suggestions are endless, these ‘good activities’ are luring me away from what’s important now and what I've committed myself to finish, writing this post.

It’s already 9:46 PM in the evening, I have office work tomorrow morning. Oh no, I’m hearing his voice again, that silent but persisting whisper inside my head hissing that I deserve an early rest, “Come on, you deserve your bed now, you can skip writing for now, besides you've posted one yesterday.”

Even I've already closed the browser, opened the writing application, and my fingers are now on the home keys, the voice was still ensnaring me to halt. He is stubborn.

I've known him since I’m young. He’s there when I’m attempting to raise my hand for the recitation in my kindergarten. He’s there when I’m nervously crafting my speech to my crush. He’s shaking my knees while I’m delivering my speech on my graduation. He’s there all along, never stop pointing me to lower and easy glories.

He’s casting out all the negative energies in every worthwhile endeavor I want to engage in. He will sneak into my ear and offer activities that are easy but not important. On his book The War of Art, Steven Pressfield named him Resistance.

Who’s Resistance? You know him. Maybe he just talk you out of doing something important this day: skip your quiet time, start or finish your project, talk to your Mom, or practice for the presentation. He knows what’s important but he is leading you to what is trivial and just plain fun.

Our hardest enemies are not outside but inside ourselves. To ignore this truth is a surefire way to be disappointed in the end.

Resistance has many forms, say hello to your antagonists:

Procrastination. “You have tomorrow. Enjoy your life for now. You’ll miss this things if you do that immediately. Hey, check other profiles. Tweet more. There are more interesting videos to watch. You can still do that later.”
Doubt/Indecision. “What are you thinking? Be realistic. You failed on that before. Someone can do that well and it’s not you. Do the easy thing. It’s a shame to fail. You are not prepared for that. They will make fun of you. What if?”
Laziness. “You’re already tired. The bed is already prepared. You've done enough. You don’t have enough time. You’ll get sick. ”
Irresponsibility. “You’re off hand on that task. You’re not assigned there. There he is! He’s the one to blame.”
Fear. “Your DNA are not coded for that. You’ll fall flat on your face. They will burst in laughter. You’ll be ashamed. You can’t. The task is bigger than you. Just sit down, relax, and quit. You can always watch other people enjoying their life, turn on the TV”

The Resistance is standing below the low road of mediocrity, average, and safety. He tells you that he cares for you, he doesn't want you to fail. But always remember that not trying is already a failure. He will tweet all day discouraging you until you hibernate.

Call discipline and determination and bash out Resistance to his face. You deserve better. You can do better. Always be a victor, never be a victim. He’s stubborn, so be more stubborn! Resist the Resistance.

If you’re a dancer, dance! Close Youtube, you've already watched enough.
If you’re a writer, write! You have enough reading this day.
If you’re a teacher, teach! Discontinue reading Manga.
If you’re a leader, lead! Shut up your whining mouth.
If you’re a, preach! Stop watching politics for now so your sermon won’t be loaded of politics.

Can you imagine Albert Einstein playing Candy Crush all day? Or Mother Teresa watching Korean drama on her free time? Or Bill Gates browsing for Android Apps (His hand will never touch iOS) for the whole evening? How about Barack Obama doing selfie the whole morning? Never! They are the people we are looking up to because they face the enemy and call him ‘enemy’ not a ‘friend’.

Be the best person you’re capable of. Ignore Resistance and just start. Our society is craving for people who will be the model of discipline and persistence in a world full of people dominated by the Resistance. Lead.

What’s your hardest Resistance? What can you do in this moment to win your battle against him?


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