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Bird’s twitter awaken the forest every dawn. Flowers are dancing in the wind. Rain moistens the earth. Flowers are pollinated by bees. Plants and trees provides fresh air to all humans and animals.

We’re created to be connected to each other. We’re living to be linked in ways we can’t explain all the times. A tiger will never be fulfilled without the other cats. Trees will cease to exist without sunshine coming to their leaves. We are living because of the strands in our lives connected. In interdependence, the world thrives.

Then why do people hurt each other?

If almost all of our happiness comes from other people, why do we do ‘unhappy’ things to them? Why do we carry that planned revenge even to our friends? How can a former couple formulate the ugliest accusation to each other?

And how even religious people, the very people who claim that we need to love each other, why they often carries the sharpest blade of offense? Why a Bible reading individual use Bible verses to make a scar on others?

This is one of life’s most difficult question. Don’t try to answer me in religious cliche if you're not practicing them. Don’t be a hypocrite, the world is already full of them.

I’m a Christian. I believe in the answer of God to this issue. But it’s a shame to admit this, I've seen more ‘hurting one another’ in Christians than ‘loving one another’.

Some will say that I just have a negative paradigm on Christians. Yes, I’m a former agnostic but I’m a Christian now and I’m holding to the irrevocable truth that God’s love can change people into more loving individuals. We are supposed to be that individuals.

I know a lot of people who are getting a hard time in going near to Christ because of Christians. Somehow, Christ is hidden by Christianity. Sadly, some people from church keep people away from church.

One doubting friend said to me, “I just need someone, something, somewhere… Just one, to hold on, when everything are fading away.”

We know the answer to that, it is Jesus, the one who’ll never let go of anyone in spite of everything. A love purer than the purest thing in this world. It’s all in Him and He invites all those people who’ll acknowledged that need.

But people who are not Christians will never know that kind of love without experiencing a flow of that from the people who claim to have received that love. We must look like saved and loved by God in order for unbelievers to believe us in our ‘To be saved and loved campaign’.

Would you be the person to a hurting individual that he or she can hold on to? When all the promises of this life cannot deliver, would you deliver the promise of the Life Giver to that individual?

I’m not calling Christians to be more 'biblical', I’m shouting to Christians to be more Christlike. To say what Jesus would say. To do what Jesus would do. To be an imitation of Christ.

Live the Gospel then preach the Gospel. Live in the way Jesus would live so others will listen to you as they would listen to Jesus.

In a world that asks ‘Why do people hurt each other?’ would you be the one light and salt that will ignite the question ‘Why do they love each other in spite of?’

And the world will know the Answer, don’t wait for them to know Him, show Him.


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