“We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?”
- Steve Jobs

You were awaken in this world crying. Your parents can’t smile enough as you shouted in protest because of the uncomfortable atmosphere of this planet. As your tears falls, they are also falling in love more and more.

In your first months of existence, your parents almost didn't sleep (or can’t sleep because of your badgering). They are looking at you all day, thanking the heaven above for sending a cute angel. Problems in your home are still there, but somehow, by your presence, they are disremembered.

Years later, you’re a cute boy (18 years later, you’ll be the only one left telling yourself you’re cute) or an angelic girl running outside. You dance without inhibition. You laugh with no reservation. You loved with no hesitation. Your parents are tending to your needs: food, clothes, home, attention, guidance and love. These years are all etched in our memories as ‘the life with pure happy moments’.

As you grew older, your parents gave you little tasks in your home. Not hard, they are just simple things requiring little effort. They can do them on their own but they want you to learn something.

Then the first day of school came. If you’re a silent introvert, you dreaded these for weeks: unknown people, a room you have not entered before, a teacher with hollow face in your imagination. If you’re a loud extrovert, this is the day you can’t wait to come: new playmates, new room to play in, and a new adult that can give better answer to your questions, better than your dad.

With the first year of your education, you are handed more responsibilities: to listen while your teacher is saying something and not just sleep. To write all the written things in the blackboard not just draw butterflies or superheroes, to do your assignment not just watch television, to prepare for examination not just wait for the last day of school year.

After the first year of schooling, you realized that this life is not just about receiving goods and attention. We’re also meant to have a part, to contribute something, to make something known, to believe and endure, to make a difference.

Then elementary days: strict teachers (some are comedians or look like one), more subjects, projects, examination, activities.

Next is the high school days: extracurricular activities, demanding teachers, challenging subjects (oh that calculus!), projects - times two times two times two.

Sadly, high school years passed quickly, you find yourself wearing robe, and you heard the speech of the valedictorian of your batch (if you’re that person, hats off to you!). With the best vocabularies in the dictionary, he or she encouraged all of you to face the challenge of tomorrow, to do and endure all the things in order to achieve that glorious thing called success.

You’re next in life in life. Want it or not, you have to take the next step.

Now, you have to choose your course, this is not easily done, because you’re partly deciding what you’ll doing for the rest of your life. Will you be tinkering with computers? Teaching grumpy kids? Composing inspirational music? Traveling the whole world with a ship?

You studied. You were bored sometimes, sometimes you soared with enjoyment. You slept late or wake up early. You knew more people. You've taken the examination, failed and tried again then passed. And finally, the day you’re waiting came, you stepped up on the stage and receive your diploma.

Finished the formal education. The real life begins.

Will You Make a Dent? Part 2


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