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Your graduation will bring you some important realizations in life. School is just a rehearsal, a preparation for the real game. Routine school works are now gone. From now on, you’ll be facing real life issues not just simulated ones. You’ll definitely be afraid, but this is also an opportunity to stand and face the music of this gift called life.

Your parents will encourage you, the door is now opened. With your freedom comes your responsibility. You are in charge. Make your choice: find a job or start a business. If you have a college degree, your choices are clearer. If you don’t have any, then maybe you’ll embark on your own.

“Just do it!” You’ll motivate yourself. Chances of failure are all outside, but success is also waiting. You need to believe that it’s better to try and fail than do nothing and don’t have a clue what will happen if you did something. Risk taking is security making.

But as you decide to write the next chapter of your life, never forget to listen to your inner voice. That still voice inside of you whispering what you are capable of, what you are meant to be and what your dent in this universe is.

If you are a theist, you believe that God has designed you to make a difference that only you can accomplish. If a Higher Power is not in your philosophy, you’ll likely tell yourself that you’re a product of evolution destined to start a revolution.

Deep in all of us is the craving to be recognize as a difference maker. To be known as a person who contributes to a cause bigger than himself. We want to make this world a little better and more meaningful than what it is when we are born into it. We longed for our place, we are crying for our dent.

Life is meant to be lived not endured. We’re here in this ‘forest’ not for survival but for adventure. To love the people we will meet, to be the person we are meant to be, to help others and add value in humanity.

But what about the need for financial security? Yes, money is important in our lives. I’m a Christian who believes that you don’t need to be poor in order to be a follower of Christ. Having financial security is crucial for us to live with focus on things that are more imperative.

It’s hard to focus on the things you’re doing if your head was just a little above water. Ever try to play a guitar while you’re drowning? When food doesn’t crossed your stomach for few days (or even one day), it’s difficult to listen to higher values or even to the Word of God. As Zig Ziglar said, “Money isn't the most important thing in life, but it's reasonably close to oxygen on the 'gotta have it' scale.”

But please don’t work for sake of paycheck alone, find a profession that is in lined with your talents and passion so you’ll never work for the rest of your life. Besides, you can only be effective in what you’re doing if you love it. If you do, you’ll find that money will freely flow to your bank account because of the excellent service you’re doing. Make a million doing what you love, it’s the only way. Working for the sake of money is slavery; Living for the sake of your purpose is your glorious destiny.

Find your passion, never stop until you find it. It will take years and tears, but the discovery is worth more than the time and disappointments. It’s like finding the thing you’re created for, the duty that is custom designed by God for you.

We call tell hundreds of reasons why this is important, but I want to point to three:

1. Your passion is your greatest motivator. God is so smart, he wired you to be curious and fanatical in some things so you’ll experience the best flow of life when you’re engaging in it.

2. Your passion is your loudest voice. Doubts and fears are all inside our head, discouraging us when we want to make a move. But our passions will shout to us that we can move in spite of the enemies inside of us, because we also have heroes inside, and they are burning to make a difference.

3. Your passion will lead you to your dent. You are designed to leave a mark. Your passion will lead you if you’ll silenced your excuses and just take the next step.

What are things that you can’t wait to do? Brian Tracy said that you can easily find your passion if the concern for money is gone or forgotten for a little while. If you find your bank account worth more than 10 billion dollars, what will you do for the rest of your life?

Never underestimate the power of the answer to that question. What’s your passion?

Will You Make a Dent? Part 3


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