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Discovering your passion is essential for a fulfilling life, it’s like finding the weapon prepared for you to conquer life. If you haven’t found it yet, don’t settle!

You’ll be living here in this earth for few decades, make all your years count. Express your creativity, strive for the best, and persist until your goals are realized. There’s no mountain too big for a person with ferocious spirit and a big Guide.

Let your passion burn for the good of others. Lost yourself in service and you’ll find your true self. Never go to your grave with unreleased value and potential inside.

What will be your dent? What will be your legacy?

· Would you be a web developer that will code the web application that will link the hearts of humanity?
· Would you be an artist that will paint hidden beauties of this life?
· Would you be a musician that will resonate the deep notes of our existence?
· Would you be the next visionary leader that will build the next innovative company that will put better technology in the hands of individuals?
· Would you be a teacher that will shape the next generation of difference makers?
· Would you be a scientist that will explore God’s creation?
· Would you be an athlete that will point to God in every victory or lost?
· Would you be a writer that will inspire millions to live a better life?
· Would you be a preacher that will share the most important message to humanity?

You have the talents, they are just waiting to be recognized. You have the potential, they are just waiting to be tapped. You have the support, your friends and family will never take a step backward. You have the Guide, God will never resign.

Wake up with the realization that every single day is another opportunity to make someone’s life better, to paint smile in the horizon and have the hope that things can get better. Go to bed realizing that you have done your part, that you’ve given your best, that you pursued your dent.

And when your last night on earth came and your first day in heaven began, there will be a God that will tell you, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” The world that you leave behind will always remember you as a person who made a difference in his time. Maybe you’ll not be written in history, but you’ll be forever engraved in the hearts of people you have touched and influenced.

What could be much better than that? Will you make a dent?

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