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In my previous post, I've written about the importance of claiming our own list and facing the reality that we must improve our own life before insisting others to improve theirs. Today, I want to share about the four best list I know that will help us see ourselves in the mirror so we can remove the dirt and live better lives.

While traveling one afternoon, my ears are tuned in to an audio book by Brian Tracy. He’s one of my mentor and I love what he is teaching and how he teaches them. Before the completion of the book, he mentioned the four best list for personal change. I've almost cancelled out all of my senses except my hearing to focus on what he is saying.

These four list are simple but it’s not for the chickens. So if you’re a chicken, stop reading and watch a prank video on Youtube. If you do not want to have a difference in this world, then do ‘more fun’ things, like playing Tetris Battle. But if you’re a type of person that want something better for your life and for others, then I’m gladly sharing the wisdom.

What are the four list?

What I need to do less of?
What I need to do more of?
What I need to start doing?
What I need to stop doing?

Notice that the lists are not about thinking, they are about doing. Brian said that we must commit ourselves to writing at least ten items to each list. We must review the list every day: in the morning, after lunch and before sleeping. At the end of each week, we must then evaluate ourselves and consequently, revise the four list.

I know that writing items on the four list seems daunting, but believe me, you’ll feel a sense of freedom when you finally admit to yourself what are those things that are causing you unhappiness. No matter how small or big the action needed to check out the item, it will make a difference and the realization that you've taken the responsibility. You can’t be happy if you’re neglecting your responsibility.

Happiness will come to you if what you believe, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. Naturally, if you’re not living the values you know or things you are saying, you’ll surely feel much unhappiness, even you’re religious.

Give it a try, write the list, you’ll be astonished on its effects. Want a better end? Then face your own list first.


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