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Each one of us have this hanging ‘ID’. What we are living for? Who we are living for? Is it written by the suggestions of our society? By the pushy mandates of your parents? Or influenced by the songs in your iPod? Or it is crafted by yourself?

Yes, we can write our own Identity. We can declare that we are the person that can reach the trophy of success and show the world that we did it. We can conquer the world and put our mark on the top. Or we can believe that we are ‘such a loser’ that will never good in anything except just passing by.

But what if satisfaction and significance is only available if you’ll live to the Identity of your Designer? What if He’s the only person who knows who you are? What if he possess the only accurate inventory of your talents and potentials? What if the dreams that will bring you the feeling of true success are only those who are personally marked by His hand?

Would you dare to hear the Identity he has written for you? The truth that He can’t wait to tell you every day. The Identity you are meant to live by for the rest of your years and for the infinity of His eternity?

A Galilean man who lived 2000 years ago have this ridiculous claim that He’s the Son of the breathing God. He healed the sick, raised the dead, quieted the storms, died and came back from the grave to corroborate His words. I don’t for you, but if a man has done all of that, I think I may consider his claim with the best of my attention.

He’s a carpenter turned rock star Teacher. He taught with authority, sometimes even cutting the long-held beliefs of the Jews. He never faltered in saying words that goes straight to the heart and keep pointing that He’s the solution for all our heartaches, even for the despairs we are hiding all these years.

Stories about everyday life is one of his favored teaching tool. He communicated deeper truths through parables so even the not educated can understand the eternal concepts of the Kingdom of God. And I believe that one of His parables echoes the Identity that we must hold on to. If we’ll build our life to that Identity, in summers or storms, we can smile.

Jesus sat down at a rock, and with his eyes expressing the deepest concern for everybody who was listening, he began the story.

There once a man who had two sons.

In the parable, he mentioned a family. I don’t know why the mother was absent from the story, is she dead or what? But Jesus wants to emphasize that there’s a father living with his two sons. Jesus emphasizes that we humans are created not just to relate to each other to find the full meaning of our life but also to relate to our Father, a father who seeks love in all its ways, a father of compassion, a father who will never failed as a Hero and a Savior.

I didn't grew up in a church environment, never been to a Sunday school presentation, never been required to memorize a ‘Verse of the Week’. Those who are nurtured in a Christian community were taught all their life that there is a heavenly Father watching over them, so I’m shocked when I saw how they operate their life, ‘Are they sure they have that kind of Father?’ I just can’t see Him in their daily conduct. Yes, there are some who exemplify the presence of a Father, but they are uncommon.

The audience of Jesus was the Jews. These Jews are the chosen people, the receiver of the promise. God talked to their ancestor face to face. Jesus is blunt in reminding them that they have a Father not just a religious system to rest their life to.

We are the children of God, an Identity that matters in this universe and on God’s sight. We are identified as specially designed and cared by God. An Identity that is obviously the thing we will want all our life and beyond our death. We have this marvelous Identity that was not written by our hands, by our parents, or by our friends, it is written by God!

The older brother is a model: smart, hard-working, the obvious heir of the bank account and business of the family. The younger one is a typical youngster: lazy, complainer, smug, pleasure seeking, not good for anything except for food and bed.

A father, two sons, a family bonded by blood and love, a family living entangled with peace. Until one day, the younger brother had a gruesome idea. With dirty face from playing, he came to his father and said that words that must never visit his mind.

“Hi Pops!”

“Hello my son.” The father paused for a moment. “Is there something you need?”

“You’re smart. Yeah, I need something.”

“What is that?”

“Well, I’m thinking if I can get the thing that I deserve in the future. I want my share of my estate. Now.”

“That’s a third of my wealth. Why?” The father was dazed.

The younger son stiffen his face. “In our tradition, a son can only have his share of estate when his father is already in his coffin. I’m disgusted with that silly tradition. I can’t wait for forever. I want it now. Let’s assume that you’re dead so I can touch them now!”

Can you imagine that? How can a son nurtured and loved by a selfless father convinced himself to forsake his father in order to get the juices of his estate? How thick is his heart to not feel any guilt in doing so?

His father’s love is worth more than any inheritance. He has an identity that every other young man in his community is envying. But he doesn't want anything to do with it. He is seeking the else not the best. He is craving for bucks not a father.

‘How in the world can he be that breed of son?’ you might say. Stop condemning and start reflecting, we’re just the same. We know we have a Father who knows the best and will give the best for us, but we don’t care! He is the best that this universe and this eternity can offer, but we seek the else.

We choose to trade our splendid Identity to the identity that our society offers.

  • We are craving for the new smartphone all day but rarely tasting the grace he is providing throughout the day.
  • We are seeking and wanting the love of a person and ignoring the love of a Son that will never fade in color.
  • We can stay on Facebook all day but never in His Word.
  • We complain about all the irritation but forget to give thanks to His provision.
  • We have the best alibis for not spending moments with Him.
  • We are longing for a miracle but never volunteer to be a person of miracle.

‘You sound too religious! What’s bad about those things?’

I’m not religious. I’m just frankly stating the truth. Those things are good but they are not the things that must employ our highest priority. Pursue them after you seek Him.

We have an eternal Identity, don’t trade it for temporary identities. Designed Identity is always better than the nice identity. We are the beloved child of God. You are the child of God. Please don’t forget that.

Where are you now in your life? Are you standing where God wants you to stand? Are you hearing His voice in your still moments? Or you positioned yourself so you can’t hear any hint of His voice?

What’s the ID hanging in your soul now? Is it the ID that God has written for you?

What's Your Identity? Part 3


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