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“Son, I can’t see the point in your decision. You have me, you have your brother, and you have the best bond that we can give. I would be more than willing to you give you your inheritance when you’re responsible enough.”

“Stop it Pops! Don’t use the guilt technique to me now. I want something and I’m sure about this!”


The son blurted out. “You’re like a turtle! Don’t you think that I can’t handle it? Come on, be conceding, it’s my right!”

His father’s eyes are on the verge of tears. “I don’t want you to be in a situation that you’ll regret.”

“Well congratulations, I’m in the situation that I’m ‘regretting’ every day. Can’t see you my point. I don’t want to be guided, I want to venture on my own. You don’t have anything to worry about Pops! I know better, and besides I’m smarter than my predecessors.”

The Father looked at his son, his heart was stunned. His heart was slowly breaking, more than anything in the world, he is wishing the happiness of his son.

But finally, he respected the decision. He gave what his son is asking for.

The young man can’t believe it, he got what he wanted. “I think I’m really way smarter than my old man. Idiot!”

The night came, his excitement was on the top of his lungs, he sat at his bed and counted the total sum of his inheritance. The morning came, he’s done counting. “Boy, I’m a millionaire now, I can have what I want, and I can be what I want!”

For the whole week, the younger son just stayed on their home especially on his room. The sight of the bulk of money gave him satisfaction, the smell of his inheritance is like drugs to him. While marveling at his wealth, he’s also formulating a decision.

The fateful day came, he finally concreted his decision. “Oh, well…” He cast a mischievous smile on his face, walked slowly toward the living room and glared at his father who was reading a book.

The father replied a look to him. “Hello son. How are you doing?”

“I’m doing good... and I’ll going to do something better”

“Wha.. What’s that?” the father said with a worried face.

“What are you talking about?” said by his older brother who just have entered the room exhausted from work.

With clear disrespect, the younger brother replied “It’s not your business, older man.”

“What?!” the older brother was offended.

The young man walked with his head held high toward his brother. “Don’t ever think you’re better than me.” Then he take more steps towards the door until he’s faded from their presence.

The night came, all of their herds were now slept. The father was slept at the couch, He has fallen asleep while finishing the book. Out of silence, faint steps were echoed inside the house. A silhouette of a young man was slowly moving towards the exit. “At last, freedom!” He turned his head to look at his father sleeping. “I’m not even sorry for what I’ll do.” he hissed.

He opened the door and take faster steps away.

“Look like you’re going abroad?” a whisper-like voice stopped the young man. He looked back and saw his older brother standing beside a sleeping sheep at the corner of the pen.

The young brother laughed silently. “Don’t worry, I won’t bother your kingdom anymore. Live your trashy life and I’ll live my own.”

“Never forget those words young man, because from now on, you can’t call this place a home.”

“So be it!” the younger brother said with his eyes fiercely closed.

Then he ran with his bag full of money and heart full of ‘liberty’. This is the beginning he always wanted.

What's Your Identity? Part 4


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