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The father roused up early and talked to his Creator with a grateful heart. The sunrise was gradually illuminating their home, he opened the door and got outside to breathe in the beauty of the new morning, not knowing that there’s a bitter story he have to swallow.

His older son was always earlier in rising from bed. He’s already half way in cleaning the sheep pen.

“My son was another thing to be thankful for,” the father thought. As he was looking at his older son, the absence of his younger son became a question to him.

“Where is your younger brother?” the father asked.

The older brother didn't respond.

“My son, please give me an answer.”

The older son ceased working, he straightened his body and gave a serious look to his father.

The question became heavier in the father’s heart. “What’s the matter son?”

“Father, please don’t become emotional,” said the son, “He left you.”

Silence reigned in the atmosphere for a minute.

“He doesn't want any piece of you. He’s now gone on his own.”

The father can’t reply any single word. His heart and mind was confused, he can’t think of any response but grief. His face is all on tears. He’s now a father abandoned by a son.

The younger son made the decision, he has chosen to abandon his family in pursuit of new experiences. He has thrown out his ID - his identity as a beloved child of a selfless father. He wants what the society is selling than what his father is giving.

In many ways, we are like the younger son. We’re waiting on the opportunities to embrace the identities our culture is preaching as nice, better and more fun. We are looking at what is offered that is filled with lies, rarely admiring what is given that is full of truth.

We’re saying that we’ll ‘just try this out’. But eventually, we came to the place where we don’t want the ‘good all days’ anymore. We have forgotten the thrown away Identity and called it our former self.

As we do all of that, we’re thinking that nobody is hurt. But in reality, you are hurt. And ultimately, God is hurt. Identity after identity, we’re disappointed, but we don’t want to acknowledge that God has already given our only valid identity. It is not ‘for taking’, it is ‘for accepting’.

Where are you now? Are you in a ‘distant country’? How is life? Is your newly found identity delivers the promise?

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