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“Wow...” the younger son said as he looked at the city from a hilltop. The city is obviously prosperous and offers much to a person with young heart like him.

“Surely, I’ll enjoy myself.” His thoughts ran wild as he imagined what activities and pleasure he can have as he reside in the city. Then he proceeded, ignoring the long days of traveling with huge bag at his back.

There’s a lot of people inside the city. All of them seems loud and lively. All wear pretty clothes and big smiles. Wines, music and laughter are all around each table he sees.

“They are enjoying it! This is where I belong.” The young man beamed.

“Looks like there’s a newbie here,” said by a manly voice at his back.

The younger son turned his head and saw three people with unusual clothes. Their hair are messy, and their pupils were dilated while looking at his bag.

“Yeah, I’m new here. So what?”

“Huh! Sounds like you’re from a cocky country. Pay respect little man.”

“I don’t have to. Besides, you just want the bucks from me.”

“Nice, you’ve just confirmed what the content of your bag is,” the two men laugh hysterically.

“These two guys are thieves,” thought by the younger son. He stepped his feet backward and surveyed the area, looking where he can run.

“C’mon kid, give your bag so you can leave without pain.” The two men got nearer to him and the man on the back fished something in his back pocket – a knife.

“Don’t get wrong! I’ll call the authorities,” said the younger son with panic in his voice. His hands are firmly placed on his bag.

“Hahaha! You just said that you’re a new man here. You don’t know anyone. Besides, they simply don’t care about strangers except their money and body!” The man offered his face as a sign of mockery.

Instantaneously, the younger son twisted his body and smashed his bag at the face of the man. It’s a solid hit, the man got off balance and fell flat on his face.

“How dare!” shouted by the other guy, with a fast movement, he threw his knife at the face of the younger man.

The reflexes of the younger son became automatic. He shielded the bag and the knife nailed on it. Without thinking, he ran with all his strength towards the small path he just saw a while ago. The beating of his heart is abnormally fast. He can’t decide where to turn: to the left or to the right or just run faster forward and hope to be miles away from the two.

The taller thief stand and wiped his face full of dust. “I can’t believe you’re so clumsy at targeting!”

“Don’t blame me dust eater, let’s just pursue the kid!” They ran towards the young man who is still in their vision.

Frantically running, the younger son turned his head and saw the two thieves surprisingly close. “They’re fast! Or I’m just turtle slow?” He tried to put more energy on his feet but his speed doesn’t move up, he’s already on his adrenaline.

“What should I do?!” Authentic fear covered his whole being as the two get closer and closer to him. He saw a trash can and he kicked it so it will be an obstacle to the two. He looked back to see if it will work. But the taller man just jumped over the can.

“What a silly trick!” said by the thief.

The other thief was missing from his sight. “Where’s the other thief?” His mind and heart were completely in panic so he can’t think of any answer to that question. It’s unimportant for now, he just need to escape from the chase.

His distance from the thief are just five meters, a little deceleration of him or little acceleration of the thief will result to an absolute danger. Not knowing if it will work again, he suddenly stop and without aiming, he twisted his body again to smash his bag at the thief.

But he missed him.

The thief lowered his head to evade the bag and executed a punch directly to the stomach of his victim. The young man didn’t feel anything at the contact of the thief’s fist to him, but he was stopped and lose half of his consciousness.

“I can’t move! I’m caught!” Frantic thoughts whirled in his mind. His hands released the bag and he fell at the top of it.

“I caught you now little rabbit.” The thief looked at him with malice.

With some consciousness, the younger son still managed to survey the surroundings, there are people sitting at the benches not far from him, but they are just looking as if nothing wrong was happening.

“What kind of country is this? Full of selfishness!” he cried with his mind. He’s now convinced that the money was not for him anymore, a minute from now, they will be gone, and his inheritance will only be a mere memory.

But he saw a hope at the bag, the knife was still there. He made a plan in his mind.

As the man was getting inches nearer to him, he closed his eyes in acting. When the voice of the thief was sure close to him, he grab the knife and made a quick slash at his front.

Now he hit him. The thief screamed at the top of his voice. His wrist was slashed, blood spurts like water. Tears are welling at his eyes.

The younger son got back up, with the knife still at his hand, he point it the crying thief. “Move! Move away or I’ll lacerate your face with this!”

“Ahh.. ahrg.. Okay, I’ll mov.. move away!” said the bleeding thief. The people at the benches was still there watching at the two of them as if this kind of situation always happens at this city.

“So pathetic!” said by the younger son to himself.

But he was now confident that he has the upper hand, he can scare away the crying thief with the knife. He can escape, or the thief must escape.

But an obvious smile became obvious in the face of the thief. “Why?!” the younger sound shouted. But then, he immediately knew why. The other thief was a meter away before grasping him.

It’s too late to try to twist and make a cut to the other thief. He just shouted an indistinctive scream and run towards the wounded thief with the knife pointing directly at the eyes of the poor target. The thief evaded the attempted assault but that’s not the younger son intended from the start, he just made a way for an escape.

He ran with more focus now, knowing that he has a lethal weapon in his hand, he can think more clearly what will be his next move. His bag was still secure at his other hand. He can’t feel any tiredness in his body, he knows that seconds from now, the chase will be over.

He looked back, the other thief that was chasing him was almost fifty meters away. Second after second, the thief speed was decreasing, then with disappointment in the thief’s face, the thief stop the chase.

The younger son stopped and gasped for air. Then he smiled triumphantly. “Thanks for the knife, see you a decade later, Poor man!”

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