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“Whew! That was close,” he sighed.

He’s aware that the two thieves may still plan to get him, so he left the area and goes into the heart of the country, miles away from their territory.

“I’m quite sure they won’t follow me this far.” He was aching for refreshment so he looked for a store and bought everything that his throat and stomach desired. He attracted a number of onlookers, “This kid have so much money.” His ears caught their phrases, not wanting to attract thieves again, he removed himself from the crowd and settled to a more private place, on the side of a deserted house.

But the house is not abandoned at all.

A lady came out from the door and walked towards him. She has a blemish-free face and almond-liked green eyes. Her lips was colored with unusual redness and her hair flows freely down to her rosy shoulder. She was in a clothes that seductively reveals her feminine features.

The younger son felt surge of attraction and impish desires towards her. “She’s ... so nice.”

The lady gazed at his eyes and said her greetings in a sensual tone, “Hi”

The younger son can’t respond. “I can’t believe that she’s after me!” he thought to himself.

“Are you new here?” the lady said as she lowered his head so her face was inches away from the young man. The fragrance of her perfume overpowered his capacity to think morally. In abrupt pace, he replied, “I want you! I have money.”

The lady laughed, “So you’re not innocent at all. Yeah, I’m selling my body, let’s go inside and have some fun.”

He tried her out. The sensation that he felt exceeded his imagination about ecstasy. He was satisfied that he doubled the payment to the prostitute.

“I’ve never enjoyed myself on the top of a bed before. I have enough money to hire her for years!” The younger son felt a twinge of guilt as he said these words. But he affirmed himself that he deserves this kind of sensations since then.

“I don’t have to be religious. This is my identity now.”

This is the start of his new and wilder life. He slept with the same lady on the same bed for weeks. He got bored with her, so he tried out other prostitutes in town and plunged himself to satisfaction night after night.

He bought the biggest house available in town and filled it with all the things he wanted. “I can have it all, what a life!”

This is the chapter of his life that he always wanted. Sometimes, thoughts about his former home and family crossed his mind, but he always dismissed it. “I don’t want to be kill-joys. They are plain pathetic!”

Years passed. He was now well known as the ‘party-like-a-rockstar’ man in the town. He has all the resources to build the ‘ideal’ life. And he built it! Nice house, nice things, and pretty ladies.

Then the ‘ideal’ met the bitter reality.

One morning, when he’s about to leave his house to find new enjoyment outside, he opened his bag and find few cash remaining. For the first time, he felt that he’s about to run of gas. He counted the money, it will only be enough to cover his expenses for the next three days. He has nothing in the bank, he didn’t invested even a single dime.

“I can’t believe this!” In rage, he threw the bag at the wall, exploding its contents across the room.

He sat down at his bed and dreaded his situation. A half-naked prostitute was sleeping on the bed. He didn’t even felt any hint of desire to her. He collected the coins on the floor and threw them at her body. “There! You’re paid, leave me alone!”

The lady left immediately. The younger son closed the door and threw himself at the bed. He covered his face for almost an hour until he came up with a decision.

“I need a job.”

He goes to the market and asked for one. “What are you saying?” replied by an old man. “Are you blind? There’s a crisis in this country for almost a month now, you’re so immersed in enjoying your dirty life that you didn’t even noticed that your neighborhood can’t eat anything. There’s no one here that can pay you even a single coin!”

The younger son was stunned. As if his eyes was opened for the first time, he saw the real situation of the town: the market is almost empty, people are obviously deprived of food for few days now, there are no smiles in the face of the people, and cries of little children are ringing in the air.

“How can I be so blind?” He can’t do anything but to look down.

“Leave! Besides, I think you have nothing to offer to any employer!”

Negative feelings are swirling inside him, but he still managed to rebuild his resolve. “Please, give me any job! I need money to buy some bread. Anything...” He sounds like a malnourished dog begging for leftovers.

The old man felt little sympathy. “You said anything?”


“Then go to the edge of this town and be a pig shepherd! Anyone can have that trashy job.” The younger son can’t respond. He was a Jew and it’s against the law of his tradition to be with the pigs.

“Why are you still here? Go! You’re a pain in our eyes!”

He did go. He was hired. Under the lonely sky, he found himself holding a bucket of meals for the unclean animals. The pigs are looking at him with eyes full of pity.

He was in the lowest part of his life. He can’t deny that he’s disappointed with himself. He wants to cry, but no tears flow from his eyes.

“How in the world I became this man?”

What's Your Identity? Part 7


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