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Seconds before his eyes was completely closed, he saw an image of a man running towards him. His eyes was blurred, he can’t see a face anymore.

“Who … who are you?”

Then an answer echoed within his heart. Memories and regrets risen up and consumed his being. “He is… he is…” Tears involuntary falls down to his cheeks. “Why? Why is he running towards me?” His hands are grabbing sand from the ground, his whole body was shaking. The grief of repentance and the realization that maybe, just maybe, he will be accepted again into their home made his heart alive and pounding.


His father ignored all the humiliation and what others might think. The lovesick father’s only concern is the chance of reconciliation. As his father became closer, his heart cried more and more.

Then he felt the hands of his father again. His father loved him with an embrace, embracing all of his being: aspirations, habits, decisions, dirt, wrongdoings, and planned mistakes.

“Father, sorry.” His voice was shaking. His heart was breaking second after second but the cracks of his heart became the pathway of his father’s grace.

“Why? Why are you still embracing me after all this time, after all I've done? I've sinned! I’m not worthy of your touch anymore. You cried because of me. God cried because of me. I don’t deserve... I don’t deserve this.”

Ignoring all his repentance speech, his father kissed him and deepened the embrace.

“Father, I’m not worthy to be called you son.”

His father looked at him straight to his eyes and into his soul. “No matter who you became, or what you've done, love will always be my response.”

The heart of the younger son was flooded with grace. This kind of unconditional affection was too much for his emotion to carry. Gratitude in the form of tears flowed freely from the inside out.

“Son, you are lost. But now finally, for years I've been praying for this. But now you’re found!”

His identity is restored. He is the beloved child of a loving father. A truth that will endure. A grace that will never know death.

You are the beloved child of God.

That’s the identity that I’m trying to remind you all along. That is the identity that God is craving for us to live by. We are his children. We are his beloved.

It’s never been easy to accept this truth. In our life, daily affirmation that we are not counted and that we don’t belong are shouting to us. Test papers returns with the wrong answers marked red, not the correct ones. People notice you if you've done something wrong not when you've done right. The world delights in handing ungrace. “You don’t deserve. Three is no such thing as free lunch. You are not counted.”

“Is there anyone who loves me? Without any strings attached?” This is the question that lingers in our heart. In the pile of rejection letters, we are hoping to find a letter of love.

Would you dare to believe that there’s a love letter that is always written for you? And the writer himself sends himself to save you?

The Writer loved a betrayer named David. The Writer embraced a torturer named Saul. And the Writer conquered even death to be with you and identify you as his beloved.

One of Jesus’s disciples never let go of this Identity. In his gospel account, he never called himself by his name John, instead, he never hesitated to call himself “The disciple whom Jesus loved.”

God’s love is ocean wide, we can only receive and experience a glass of it. But that glass of unconditional love is enough to nourish your life with colors, meaning, and substance. Our soul thirst for that kind of love. We are longing for our Father.

The stream of His love will never falter. His grace will pursue you even to the darkest corner of your existence. Will God ever run to you? Always.

Our God is a God who loves. A reality that carries the greatest promise.

Every moment you’re awake and in every chance to live, please remember this - you are the beloved child of God. You are counted. You belong. You are loved.


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