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Life is not easy to figure out. We cherished it as a wonderful gift when we’re still innocent children. We entered our teenage years and proclaimed that life is for pleasure and fun. College pressed into our minds that life is a preparation for life’s next pressing duty – making a living. We received our college diploma and moved into a city to work in our schedule and sometimes over the schedule just to keep our heads above the water. We roared and aspired to be the lion in our field and make our mama proud.

But you opened your eyes one morning and felt a pain in your heart, “Is this the life I once saw when I was a child? Am I really living?”

You looked back at your life and saw broken promises, starving relationships, time not spent with loved ones, betrayals, vengeances, unforgiveness that makes your soul sick. You admit that you never planned having these things and it is plain hard to accept the reality.

You touched the things you’ve accumulated and asked what they are for. You surveyed the house you are living in and realized that this is not a home, it’s just a place to sleep in after your duty. You looked at yourself in the mirror and felt sad, because you became the person you didn’t want to become.

Removing all the alibis and fake ‘think positive’ clichés, it dawned on you that not all things are okay. You felt the pain of living a small life or enduring a fake one. You don’t want this dull life anymore. You know this is the time, this is the place, and you are the person to start writing a different story.

Maybe it’s time for you to live up to your highest values. To live whole in your workplace. To be honest in all dealings. To give the love that God has given you. To really follow God not just talk about Him.

Maybe it’s time for you to fall in love with your wife again. To bring her flowers every night. To have a romantic date with her again every week. And gaze at her beautiful eyes and soul once more.

Maybe it’s time for you to be the woman of your husband again. A wife that will comfort the hero of your home after a long day’s work. To be the source of his courage and the lover of his heart. To be the inspiration of his dreams and the nurturer of his character.

Maybe it’s time for you to be the parent you’re called for. To be the one that gives time not just resources to your offspring. To defend them as their superhero and care for them as their faithful lover.

Maybe it’s time for you straighten your resolve as their leader. To lead your spirit so you can lead them. To cast the vision of contribution and service so they will be inspired to move like you do. To be a person of influence not just authority.

Maybe it’s time for you to start building your dream that you’re meant to build. To throw the stupid reasons you’re telling yourself to not take the first step. To be the man in the arena that knows what is the real meaning of doing not just talking. To fail. To learn. To start again and never entertain the thought of quitting.

Don’t wait for the next sunrise, because you can’t grab the pen of tomorrow. You only have the pen of today. So get your hands with it. Dream. Plan. Act. Live a different story, the story that you’re meant to write with your heart, courage, failures, tears and perseverance.

Don’t end up in your grave and find that the story you lived is too safe and boring. Never be willing to stand at the gates of heaven without giving all your talents, passion, and love for the human race that still lives on earth. He has given you much, so live a life of giving not a life of faking.

Maybe you’ll never know the name of the person who learned to love because of the love you’ve given him. Love him anyway.

Maybe you’ll never meet the children that are given hope and provision because of the vision you’ve pursued to be a reality. Pursue the vision anyway.

Maybe you’ll never meet the man you’ve inspired to live as a real man because of your example. Live as a real man anyway.

Maybe you’ll never see the faces of the people that learned to stand for a worthwhile cause because you do. Stand for the cause anyway.

Maybe you’ll never know all the love that will be given because you show the way of giving unconditionally. Give unconditionally anyway.

Maybe you’ll never know all the people that will be inspired by your story. Live an inspiring life anyway.

Not all will be touched. Not all will appreciate your story. Someone may even criticize it. But you’ll still write it. Why? Because this is your story, a story designed by the Designer. And you know that meaning can only extracted in life when you’re living the life you’re meant to live.

Life is not meant to be figured out, it’s destined to be written. Maybe your story won’t be written in history for all the world to read and admire. But remember that living it to be read is not the point, living it for it to be written is. After all, your life will be written in the greatest history in the universe – His story, and His story is the best novel that we can participate in.

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