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Life is meant for living not sealing. We must breathe out vulnerability in order to breathe in what life has to offer. If we don’t opened ourselves, we are officially closed to life’s experiences. And being dead while still breathing is the unhappiest song you can sing.

But what response will you have when you opened yourself and received the blow that you didn’t want to come?

You gave your all to him, but your son resolutely said that he didn't want anything from you and anything about you. He ran away.

You prepared months before, you've invested your time and blood. But your name is nowhere to be found on the list. For the fifth time, it happened again.

You opened your eyes and didn't find any trace of your husband. Then you received the worst text message from him.

She’s not replying to all your messages. Then you've read on her tweet that she has a stalker that she has recently ditched out. It is you.

You've waited for almost ten years to meet your father. But you found the man sleeping, never to wake up again.

The doctor said that you have an incurable illness, a rare illness that will paralyze you from reaching your dreams.

The waves wiped out your home community and found yourself in a hospital. And you have no news about your family.

With your eyes opened and streaked with tears, you questioned yourself if you’re in a bad dream, but you’re not. Your head turned and saw people with their blank faces. Slowly, thorns are crawling into your heart until you feel the twisting of your emotions.

You feel yourself falling, then a loud shriek of pain. You’re broken.

Life’s disappointments are inevitable. Yes, sometimes even you think you’re closed enough.

You mumble counsels to yourself, but they are like jokes and mockeries. You try to read the inspiring words that lift up your spirit before, but for the first time, they regressed to vague theories not applicable to your broken situation.

What’s the meaning of your brokenness? You tried to find it, but just found yourself in fragments.

Being broken is a hard part of our life, and that part is never fun. But when our heart is broken, it opens to love and is willing to receive it with no reluctance.

I believe that the heavens conspire to send a person who will care about your plight. Maybe that person is not smart as you or don’t have an array of wisdom. But when we are ruined, we don’t want philosophy, we need sympathy! Sympathy goes straight to your heart and in a way that the Creator can only fully understands, your heart will start to heal. His soul will touch yours, and suddenly there’s connection with hope again. Your eyes will be washed and you’ll find yourself standing in fields of hope.

We are blessed to have people who gathers our broken pieces and glue it with love so we can stand in our own again. Yes, some questions will never fade away, but because they are beside you, you can endure the uncertainties and still believe that life is beautiful.

I have an enduring hope that whatever brokenness comes to our life, God will send people that will understand, people that will help the healing begins. And God already sent the One that will be with us in spite of all tears, in spite of it all. His promises will never fade. His love endures forever.

Who are those people in your life? Share in the comments.

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