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Maybe the reaction of those people who knew me personally when they saw my blog is this: Who do he think he is to blog?

Frankly, I've wrestled with that question for months. Who do I think I am to post my voice on the public? Do I think that somebody will listen to my writings? Do I have the skills? Do I have the wisdom? Do I have the authority?

Finally, I put down the questions and just began writing. I’m not as good as Stephen King but I can write and improve. I’m not C.S. Lewis, but I’m burning to share what God has taught me. I’m not Billy Graham but I believe that I have a contribution for the world. No matter how small, I’m not willing to die unless I’ve taken out my gifts and art to the world.

I’m not waiting for others to give me permission to write. I've called myself a writer after months of hesitating. Writing is my passion and I’m feeling the spirit of God while I’m doing this.

So why do I blog? Here are my whys:
  • I’m a writer. Yes, maybe I’m the only one who call me writer, but it’s just fine for me. I’ll lose my sanity if I don’t put my hundred voices into writing!
  • Clarification of my thoughts. I don’t know for others, but before I get to the full picture of my principles, decisions, and values, I need to write them down. I’m often wrote it down to my smartphone or laptop using Evernote. If I don’t have the gadgets near me when ideas came, I would write it in a piece of paper.
  • To inspire. I want others to know that they are not only who struggle in an issue, we all does. I want to motivate them to take the next step towards their dreams, relationships, or to God. For me, if I’ve inspired one reader, all the bleeding that I've endured while writing the blog post are all worth it. When nobody else is inspired, I am.
  • To share. I’ll die if I don’t read two books per week (yeah, I’m exaggerating and I’m weird, but I’m very uncomfortable if I don’t. It’s like not drinking water for days.) With all the knowledge I’m learning, I’ll be a complete hoarder if I don’t share them.
  • To connect. I don’t show my affectionate feelings to my friends in public, but I’m still aching to express my love for them. And blogging is one way I can connect to them even we were far away from each other.
These are my reasons why I stay late at night or wake up early to write a blog post. Maybe, some of you are asking if I’m earning money with blogging. Yes, but I've just stated monetizing this blog so the revenue I’m receiving are not enough to buy me an iPhone 5s at the end of the month.

I’m hoping (and striving) for the happy day to come when my blog provide enough money for my family (and be able to treat my future wife to Paris, France). But whether receive money or even I have to pay money to continue writing, I would do so.

I’m living when I’m writing and inspiring others. I’m thanking God for this passion every day.

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