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It’s the word we never want to hear, a word that inflicts genuine pain in our chest, especially if it’s said for the last time. Surely our lives will be happier if that word is not printed in the dictionary right? Or the reason for its existence is erased once and for all. What is the ‘good’ in that ‘bye’?

Sentimentalism is not evident in all of us, someone might even deny that they care about other people. But we’re all craving for relationships that connects our hearts in a deep way. It’s how we are wired, almost 90% of happiness is found on our bonding with fellow human beings.

Destiny granted us relationships that keeps our hearts beating. It’s a mystery still, but God has a way of linking us with each other so we experience the flow of meaning. We’re not just made for survival, we’re crafted for connection - to Him and to others.

At the end, it’s all about family. It’s a well of joy to be with the family where your blood came from, or the family that adopted you. A church is there to accept you as a part of a spiritual family. Friends celebrates with you in your triumphs and cries with you in your defeats. Even a stranger is a family, because ultimately, a stranger is just a family you just have to meet.

But here on earth, a relationship has a last chapter. Uncomfortable as it is, we will only realize the importance of someone when we know that we’re going to lost them. A delinking will happen. A hard goodbye and shedding of tears.

She will not come back on next school year, her scholarship ended.

You’ll never play with him anymore, his family will move to Singapore on Monday.

This will be your last meeting, she has to move on and she can’t tell you the reason.

This is your last lesson with your favorite teacher, he had to switch job to support his younger brother’s education.

Last Christmas with your son, because the cancer is now impossible to heal…

Accepting the bitter truth will never be easy no matter how you manipulate your composure. As the image of her is slowly fading from the horizon, you want to run to her and persuade her that maybe she can still stay. As his eyes was slowly closing for the last time, you barter with God for extension of his life. And you’ll do and give everything just to catch a glimpse of his face for the last time.

The pain of ended relationship is worse than the pain of an unfulfilled dream. Because relationships are all dreams already fulfilled in our hearts. A connection that wraps our hearts together in love and companionship. Relationship is the essence of our existence. Why it has a cheater? Why?

I’ll not attempt to answer that question, because frankly, I don’t know how to answer it. I wish I knew, but knowing the answer will not mend our broken hearts. Losing someone will summon a thorn that we don’t how to deal with so we just throw every question we can grab. It’s an issue that will be only redeemed at the other side of our life – in eternity.

Never deny the pain, acknowledge it and know that you have to move on. Don’t blame life because the relationship ended, be grateful because the relationship happened. It’s a wondrous gift that you met each other and that you shared moments that can’t be fully express in words, but can only be experience wholeheartedly.

It may be for a limited time, but memories are etched forever in your hearts. And somehow, the joy will continue to manifest because you know that our life has another side. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll share an embrace together again in a paradise.

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Geramie Gerarcas said...

"The pain of ended relationship is worse than the pain of an unfulfilled dream."

Even if hindi talaga ended relationship yung mangyayari , ang hirap pa ring tanggapin na mawawala sa piling mo saglit yung taong ginawa mong inspirasyon , yung taong ginamit ng Diyos para e lead kami kung ano kami ngayon.

We're very blessed to have you sir. Continue to write more inspiring blogs. God bless you and we are always here for you :)

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