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That’s the word that truly living people doesn't have (or allergic to). Once they knew what they are living for, the word was scraped from their dictionary.

People who says “It’s boring, I don’t have anything to do,” are just the ones who are merely existing. They drool in varieties of entertainment: music (some music that just kill time), movies, video games, parties, TV, radio and internet. They will consume everything just to fill the nagging hole in their hearts that are crying for significance.

I’m not saying that entertainment is bad, far from that, entertainment are created by the artist to entertain us and soothe our exhausted mind and body. But if you are waking up every day just to watch that TV drama, then I believe that there are something wrong in you. Being ignorant about the excessive consummation of entertainment is a sure way to degenerate the joy you’ll experience.

When you’re bored, it’s an indication that you’re not engaging in a meaningful activity. Not engaging the calling of your life will leave your life meaningless and sorely boring. Silencing the pain with more entertainment is a sign of immaturity. C’mon, I don’t hear people in deathbed saying, “I hope I’ve watch more Korean dramas.” No, what they are saying are the regrets for not living their life. Tears are inevitable when you realize that the time to sing the music of your life are gone.

Life is a journey, we’re meant to do something significant not just eat entertainment and complain. So write your dreams, pursue your goals, and love your family. Live a real life, not just watch others live their life in a flat screen TV (that you are aching to replace with a slimmer, higher resolution, screen-for-goliath-HDTV).

It’s a joy to watch our favorite TV show after an exhausting day’s work. Sometimes we deserve the couch to watch movies, browse the internet, read blogs or books (I've almost ditched other forms of entertainment to have more time in books, they are the best entertainment for me). But being entertained by them must not be the sole goal, we have to learned and get something from them.

You have to learn something from the movie you’re watching. Emulate the faithfulness of Edward Cullen to Bella Swan (But promise that you’ll only have one Bella Swan).

You have to find inspiration from the novel you’re reading. Be inspired by the courage of Katniss Everdeen of Hunger Games or the hope of Harry Potter.

Learn some life skills from the game you’re playing. Maybe learn the zombie survival skills of Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil. Okay, maybe that joke isn't funny.

You have to use the skills you got from playing Candy Crush into your work (Good luck, because I don’t know anything from that game).

To be inspired, educated, or be kicked in the butt by your choice of entertainment is good. Never despise the silent whispers from them. They have a way of calling you out of boring existence to a meaningful journey.

What is better than 3D entertainment? It’s living your own movie, singing the music of your heart, and writing the story of your life with passion and dedication. Never be bored again.

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