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Hooray! Christmas is coming. New Year is on the door. Buy your gifts and prepare your hiding places, because all of your nieces will surely be waiting for their bounty. (If you didn’t plan your expenses this Christmas, listen to Dave Ramsey for his superb advice.)

I know you’re writin’ something in your mind. You’re imagining your soon-to-be-built shining body, the new good habit, the doctor-prescribed diet, the formula of success you’ll finally adhere when that day comes – New Year’s Day, time for the sweet and immortal New Year’s Resolutions.

But actually, there’s a cheat there. Not rocket-science, not too hard (by the way, if you’re avoiding all the hard stuff, you’ll be you for the rest of your life), and you can do it. And there’s no depressed-looking-with-big-glasses-small-smile teacher telling us that “No cheating!” allowed. It is allowed.

Want it.



Start now

That’s it. No need for metaphysical-humba-joomla you’re using as alibi not to start. Why wait for that smoky day to put your shoes on? The calendar is not your captain. Don’t wait for its permission. Take responsibility right now boy.

By the way, New Year’s Resolution is the official procrastination document of mankind. Those who are overly enthusiastic about it are procrastinators inside the closet, just hungry for the credit for announcing their new habit but not really committed in following it. Don’t fall for that stupid trap. Take the plunge today for the better.

And throw that ‘but’. Yeah, also the next ‘but’.

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