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You are living your life. Walking with your dog. Paying the bills. Calling your children every afternoon. Loving your wife. Doing what you believe is right. Being a good-Christian-guy. Tithing. Evading the ‘forbidden’ sins. Reading your Bible. Obeying the rules. Tripping at some precepts sometimes, but getting back up and saying to yourself that it’s okay.

You’re good and you’re thriving. You buy the latest. You have a home, not perfect but still pretty comfortable. You watch movies and entertain yourself with music. Your Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus accounts are all have an air of ‘I’m pretty okay baby! How about you? Life is good and God is good.’

I love that kind of life. Why not? Almost all of us wants to be in the safe-side enjoying the fiction but not wanting the chaos of the fiction stories be written in our life.

Hate disappointments, live with fun! No killing joy here. The media is a hypnosis machine. We want to live the celebrity life: plenty of money, fun and happy happy. We sat down at our couch with our iPad and play the next level of the Candy Crush while munching Oreos.

But then the phone rang.


After you heard the first five words, you know this is not what you wanted. It’s the total opposite of the Gospel. Your ears want to spit them out.

Problems creep into our uncomfortable life. Our nerves are beating hard as we are feeling that the options are evaporating. You’re afraid because something might be lost or you’ll have to endure a burden that your back can’t carry.

When we have the negatives, we feel cheated. “This is unfair,” and that’s true. Why do religious people like you have to face this unkind situation from the Deity above? Or even if it’s not from Him, why he allowed it? It doesn’t make sense.

You do the self-talk. Encouraged your shaking self. You made the plan, executed it but nothing happened. Your attempts are proven worthless. You nagged and eventually called your colleague for assistance. They replied, but with that unconcerned tone again.


When all the known solutions are attempted, we finally turned to the One we know that can control or help us endure the tyranny of the problem. We sat down beside our bed and began to mumble words. Your mind is confused but your heart is focused in sending the message and expectant of the good answer.

We recite the Bible promises. Say to ourselves that all things work together for good. But weeks, months, and sometimes years passed and the answer is still missing: no job offers, creditors’ voices are unbearable, failed for the sixth time, the cancer is gaining territories in your body.

Unanswered prayer, it’s one of the most difficult aspect of our belief. It feels like our prayers are just hitting the ceiling and just falling down back to us, not heard by the angels or draws God’s attention.

The question that will never go away looms and came closer and closer, “Where is God now?”


For hundred years, the nation that received that promise of God also questioned His power over their destiny. They received countless oppression by the nations with wickedness that’s off the chart. They are treated like objects and liters of blood have been spilled because of their weaknesses. Where is God in this?

Their last oppressor is the blood thirsty Rome with all its ruthlessness. Under the no-mercy government of Herod, they cling to each other and gasped for their God to finally send their liberator, a man who’ll lead Israel out of the oppression, overthrow Rome, and restore the kingdom in the grandeur of King Solomon’s era.

And why not? They are God’s chosen people. God started this, they thought, so He’s responsible for this.

And when the right time came, God executed His grandest plan for humanity. God did not just answered, God gave the Answer.


God doesn’t want another short break from oppression. He’s sick of a message that is ignored by the stubborn hearts of His people. And God will do this with the planed he laid out before the foundation of the world: He will send His only Son to a mission on earth. Arguably, it’s the greatest mission that will make the widest dent in the universe. He will revolutionize the world by changing the hearts of His people.

God’s spirit came reeling into Mary’s womb and miraculously let her conceive a Child without the act of passion from her soon to be husband Joseph. Mary praised the Lord even her knees are trembling and doubts in her mind are whirling crazy. When she said it to Joseph, he’s incredulous, who’ll believe this lady that said that she can conceive a child without sex? This is a betrayal, Joseph thought, so he made his mind to get away from her.

But an angel convinced Joseph that God is really the mastermind of this weird mission. He believed and married his fiancée. With his faith in God, he hold on to the One who can hold the whole world in His hand.

Its plain unimaginable and foolhardy entrance He can make, God entered history not with grand flashing of lightning in heaven or huge twister in the ocean, but came into the womb of a virgin and have a delayed entrance for nine months. What? Are He not in hurry like the Israelites? Slowly as the Child is growing in Mary’s womb, their relationship is getting stronger while enduring the harsh opinions of the public.

But God’s Son will be born. His will cannot be thwarted. He came like an underdog, and with humility not deserve for a Deity, He came out of Mary’s womb not in a 5 star hotel but in a manger not even worthy of rating. I can’t even think of being born in that kind of place, how can God be so humble?

How can the hope of the world rest on the response of two teenage couple? The hope of salvation is given not through an army of angels but in a Child who can’t even control his eyesight and without defense against the feet of the sheep?

God is a lovesick father that always surrender to the irresistible power of grace. He’s willing to go to the deepest struggle just to reach and love us in a way that He can only understand.

And God was born. God came into us. God with us.

The King of heaven became the lowliest servant. The eyes that sees the past, present, and future choose to see you in love. The mouth that spoke all creation into being spoke a local Aramaic language to express His message. The ears that are hears all the music of the universe turned to listen to us with understanding. The hand that formed humanity is willing to touch your face with the deepest concern.

The creator of life came to give us hope that nobody else can offer. A news that we all need, a good news that can liberate us from the deepest bondages - disobedience and broken promises.

On this coming Christmas, may you remember that God just not give what we need but also given Himself without reserve. He’s grace and love in purest form. Believing that it is not easy, but believing it is possible. Problem won’t evaporate like water, but grace like rain will fall on you. And after the shower of hope, you’ll see the flowers of tomorrow blooming. Jesus came. God is with you.

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