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“I love you.”

Have you ever said those words to people you truly love?

Don’t deny it. Some people seems vital to our daily functioning. You cannot start without her presence. You lose all enthusiasm when he’s not around. You are longing for her voice to complete your day. You are doing everything with him in your mind.

Those words are not easy to say if the woman that you love is distant to those kinds of language. Didn't show any affection in return. And the question hangs if she also have those words for you. You opened yourself, endured years with no answer.

You gave the words to your father - a father who are oblivious of your existence. Didn't reply and just continue working. His eyes didn't’t talk. Blank and passive.

Even you didn't received a single reply or heard the worst one, please don’t hesitate in letting go of your words of affection. We’re all built for love and love runs in our veins. They deserve to know it even if they don’t have plan to love you back. You became vulnerable and honest. And that counts even you cried in the end.

If everyone is too coward and don’t declare their affection, where we will be right now? Can intimate relationships exist without the most sacred words? I doubt it.

Love is always the best answer. I don’t want to believe it before, but I’m coming to terms with it. Sometimes the best gifts are not the ones wrapped in boxes and tied with ribbons, but the ones wrapped with words.

Love well. Say it.

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