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What is the ‘best’ relationship killer?

This is just my observation, I might be wrong. But I know you can relate. What is it? Backbiting.

A direct physical assault would instantaneously spark a fight. But after some bruises and shouting, it would be over with grudges in each side. But I’ve seen them reconciled.

A shouting match is kind of alarming. But there is hope behind the loud voices, after all, they are finally talking (though uncomfortably loud) honestly, the issue can now be resolved after months of misunderstanding.

But backbiting is a different animal. Silent and with subtle mask of self-righteousness. I’m not judging, I’m just helping her see her weaknesses so she can improve! We hiss and even sugarcoat our criticism with scriptures.

You can never really fake a connection with a person you secretly detest. If you’re badmouthing him in his back, then your smiles are just insults. Humans have a unique tracking system for counterfeit endeavors and phony humans. Your silent whispers are not secrets at all; they are pointed assaults for your ‘friend’.

It takes a lot of maturity to withstand a ‘constructive criticism’. And it’s difficult to offer a serene face to someone you knew that clandestinely wishing your downfall. Seeing people faking a relationship is one of the worst painting displayed in our community. It’s pathetic. It’s not designed by the Creator. It’s corrupted by our prides. It’s killing us softly.

Transparency. We desperately needs it. A single post can’t dissolve a pride enjoying its growth. Please listen to others, read the counsels of Jesus and Apostle Paul on this.

Let’s build a better community built on real love and honesty, not with bogus paints and rusted companionship. No more backbiting, folks.

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