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Intel Core i7 3.3GHz
1TB HDD + 512 SSD Fusion Drive

27" Apple Cinema Display
Mac OS X Yosemite/ Windows 8.1
Lightning fast Internet connection

Boy, if I have those demon-specs, I can finally do what I need to do!

Trash. Are you Joey the Specs Dreamer? Do you think the reason why you can’t ship anything is because your computer was made in the time of Benjamin Franklin?

What if the problem is not them?

What if, just what if, it is you?

  • Your indecision.
  • Your idleness.
  • Your procrastination.
  • Your Facebook/Twitter/Email/Youtube/Pinterest/Skype/Line/WeChat/Viber addiction. The “I need to be updated every hour or I’ll die” disease.
  • Your “This is so hard!” mentality.
Seriously. Let’s stop blaming the innocent hardware for a while and look into our habits. Are you productive like a quad-core processor? Or are you a slacker akin to Pentium 4?

  • Maybe you need to check your values.
  • Maybe you need to restore your dreams.
  • Maybe you need to boost your motivation.
  • Maybe you need to defragment your priorities.
  • Maybe you need to optimize your routines.
  • Maybe you need to clear your working area.
  • Maybe you need to uninstall some habits.
  • Maybe you need to unsubscribe to some addictions.
  • Maybe you need to focus on one task at a time.
And maybe you can start doing them right now.

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