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Have you found yourself running out of ideas? Looking at the paintbrush or the blinking cursor for hours is not a fun thing to do. It’s an authentic fear of creative people not to produce anything. You hustle, but it seems that you extinguished all your creativity on the last canvas. What now?

You might stand from the chair and leave your MacBook (the awesome companion of creative folks), and do other things. But the guilt lingers, saying, “What happened to your Picasso? Giving up buddy?”

“No!” You didn’t sign up for mediocrity. You must create art. Write the post. Design the poster. Compose the song. But your mind was stuck. Blocked. Mental Block. Writer’s Block. Designer’s Block. You name it. We dread it

Creative Cocoon

Daniel Goleman, in his book Focus, has written a superb solution to this. He wrote in the book that our mind can’t produce creative ideas if it is shackled in a disciplined or repetitive task. Saying “I’ll sit there, open Evernote and produce ideas” rarely work. And even the esteemed brainstorming session is not the champion in producing ideas.

What’s the solution? Let your mind wander and fly.

Remember your elementary days? (Forget the bullies and failed lovelife for a while) Who are the best in art class? Who are the ‘awesomes’ in creative activities? They are not the geeky-thick-glasses-no-lovelife students. They are the ones who are yawning at Math and History classes, they find it boring and not stimulating to their creativity. They prefer endeavors where they can ignite their ‘weird’ ideas and create something, not just answer something from memory.

Goleman didn’t lowered the value of analytical thinking, instead, he reignited the importance of creative thinking, which is not glorified in our school system today. Daniel Pink, in his book A Whole New Mind, wrote that Right Brainers (creative people) are the elites of new upcoming age, the next of the current Information Age – the Conceptual Age.

You must let your mind meander if you want something new. Let it fly from your head so it can meet thousands of ideas that are not in your mental inventory. Rigorous commands produce result not art. This act of relaxed wandering is your Creative Cocoon. 


Do the art of doing nothing. Leave your desk, iPhone and other distractors for a while. Get out of your office and walk in the woods or in a place where you can be alone. Enjoy the best art our world can offer – nature. Walk for 15 to 30 minutes. You’ll be amazed by the ideas you’ll get.

It is also a form of break and meditation. And you’ll appreciate what you’re doing if you’ll leave it from time to time. Renewed energy and inspiration will always come after your Creative Cocoon. After the walk, get your notebook and write the ideas. Do it with passion. The world will be in awe by the butterflies of your art.

How do you produce ideas? Share in the comments.

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