We have relationships that we treasure beyond words. There are people that keeps our hearts beating. The day that you have to be parted is unimaginable. But with permission from above, it will come. Painful, but it has to be accepted.

I’m aching for the students I’ve known last year. I’m not emotional in public, but deep inside I’m actually weaving deep connection to people I’m with, every day. I’ve grown fond for them, even we just shared our lives for one year. A teacher-students relationship is unique and a heartwarming one, marked by respect, jokes, empathy, and sharing that transcends class schedule. You can’t forget the value of the gift called life when you’re with them.

I hope I’m not sounding bias with my profession, but I believe that being a teacher is one of the happiest and most fulfilling profession a person can have. Think about it, even Jesus is a teacher. It’s is significant in own sake, even without the rewards or monetary benefits.

I’ve decided not to come back there and stay here in Cebu. I don’t know what my former students are thinking of me right now. Maybe I’ve disappointed or betrayed them for not coming back. Or maybe they are not thinking of me at all. I’m thinking of them every day. God knows that I want to go back there, but I have to stay here. I’m praying that I’ve made the best decision though I’ve prayed for it months before I’ve made it.

I’ll expend all I got for the pioneering of the branch here in Visayas. For the sake of the staff and students, I’ll continue my little mission here. With all the wisdom and love that God had given me, let me give it to them and pour my life for these young souls. I have no regrets about my decision, though I can still the pain in my chest from time to time.

We will meet again. I know it for sure.

Maybe the opportunity to teach you CSS with my corny jokes are all gone, but the opportunity of sharing our life are never gone. Never. I care for all of you, deeply. I know that you’ll be the leaders and influencers of our generation. I’m looking ahead for our reunion 10 years after.

I’m writing this article and looking at the students here in ASHTEC Cebu. Yeah, maybe you’re all better-looking than them, but I believe they have potentials like you do. As my calling, I promise that I’ll give my all to educate and inspire these game changers.

I’ll always remember you there in ASHTEC Bulacan. Pray hard. Study hard. And never forget to live a life even the subjects are hard.

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