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Success. The word that won’t lose its attention. Everybody is talking about it. Everybody wants it, even to the point of needing it. Talk to a high school student and he will declare that he wants to be successful someday. Look at the eyes of a college student working hard on a gasoline station and you’ll witness their drive to attain this glorious state.

What is success? Definition are many. A common folk says that it’s being rich in money and having all you want. A religious man will tell you that “No! It’s not worldly wealth, success is doing the will of God and glorifying Him with every beat of your heart.”

Well, I’m a Christian so I favor the second definition. But John Maxwell, I believe, has the best definition of success:

Success is…

Knowing your purpose of your life.
Growing to your maximum potential.
Sowing seeds to benefit others.

Success is a journey not a destination.

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