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“I’ll be a millionaire.”

“Boy, I promise I’ll be known someday”

“I want to be happy.”

They are the common wishes of men. Every day, as we go on with our life, those wishes are whispering to us that they are nice to have and a genuine smile would be permanently painted in our faces when we’re finally “there”.

When we see someone already have those, we feel a twinge of envy causing the desires to roar and push you to do something, right now! So we search and run for them with our hearts beating faster and faster.

Not Goals

But the chase would never be finished until we’re awaken to the truth. Money, prestige, and happiness are not goals to be achieved, they are consequences to be received.

You can never be happy if you’re chasing happiness. Money will always elude you if you’re eyes are eyeing only for profits. Shunning by others are inevitable if you’re always insisting to be respected and worshiped.

Money will flow to your account if your business is filling a need in the market and you’re doing a great job because you’re passionate and excellent in it. When what you produce are products of love and excellence, people will lined up happily to pay your products and services. Think of Apple.

Being famous and respected are not the aspirations of known people today. They focused on their contribution and hustled for something to give not for something to receive. As a result, they became “someone” in the eyes of the people. Albert Einstein care more about physics than accolades.

Happiness can’t be bought, it can only be experienced. Happiness is not on the destination, it’s on the journey. Happyville is not existing. Seek it, buy it, and indulge yourself selfishly and you’ll be miserable. Do something meaningful and happiness will flow into your being. Walk with your spouse, play with your kids, volunteer for relief operation, teach young people, lead a community project, pray.

Don’t chase life. Live it and give it, that’s a meaningful one.

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