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C.S. Lewis. Stephen King. J.K. Rowling. Philip Yancey. They are the hallmarks of writing for me, their proses are delighting to the point where I want to read their work for the tenth time and experience the pleasure of receiving their art. I want to be as good as them, badly. 

With boosted motivation every morning, I would write a piece for an hour and revise it to the best to the best of my judgment. Then I would compare it to their work side to side. Then I would sighed…

Not as good as theirs, yet.

Prose not yet fully matured. Writing voice is still lanky. Grammar mistakes are there like mushrooms. But I know that this is not an excuse (there’s no valid excuse) to stop developing my craft. I have to continue even I’m meeting the worst critic of my work every day – myself.

Create, don’t compare. Writing or any worthwhile endeavor is not a competition. Everybody can win because we’re all running our own unique race. My models are already way ahead in their journey –they are on their quest for mastery or their ‘chapter 43’ while I’m still on my beginner’s challenge or ‘chapter 2’.

This would be a long journey, but can be soul nourishing for every step of the way because there’s always to improve on to. Doing the work that you know that matters will always paint a smile in your soul.

Nobody can be a bestselling author after just one month of writing. Years of grueling efforts, ten thousand hours of deliberate practice are required to be really good at what you do. It’s a real pain that nobody recognizes your art, but don’t lose your hope because you’re not doing it to be recognized, you’re doing it because you can’t live not doing it. Remember: one improvement at a time is enough as long it is consistent. The turtle always beats the hare.

It encourages me when great writers admit that they themselves started as a beginner. It’s liberating to know that they are also humans! Because our society of chickens labels successful people as merely gifted and lucky, forgetting the years of effort they've taken.

The elites are unreasonable dreamers in the midst of reasonable people. They hustled and faced the nagging voice of doubt every day, rejecting the hissings that says that they can’t be as good as they dream to be. Mastery came to them not because they are born masters; mastery came to them because they lived as an eternal student.

Astoundingly, with all the recognition and praises from their admirers, they say that they are still learning! They didn't stop at a hotel on their journey and say, “Boy I’m done!” No, they are still improving each day because they love what they’re doing and they simply believe that their work somehow touch the hearts of others.

Are you in the first chapters of your journey? Please listen to your models and better, read their biographies and you’ll get much insight on how much realities they endured to get to the place where they are now.

Michel Jordan have taken an unbelievable hours of practice. Without his bullheaded perseverance, one of the legend wouldn't make his mark in our history

Stephen King started writing while he’s still a boy and received countless rejection letters. But hundreds of rejection letters are not enough to stop a true writer. He continually put down his imagination on paper because he is Stephen King!

All of us who didn't let life steal our dreams need to master the art of not giving up. Trust the process, wake up early or stay late at night to continue building your legacy. The time and effort invested will move you to the next chapters. Years will passed and you’ll have no regrets.

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