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There’s one rich man in our community. He runs a successful business very fit for the agricultural nature of our province. He’s far from egotistical and generous enough to give jobs to many young men who doesn’t have college education. In terms of giving back to our beloved community, he’s one of the best.

When I asked his former classmates (they all have their own family now) what does this man had done to be successful, they said, “He’s just got luckier than us. That’s it”

I naively believed that notion when I was a child. Those who are not financially troubled are just luckier and got Midas touch. They don’t do anything better, they just happen to be in the right place and in the right time. Besides, TV shows are polluted by game shows that full of roulettes and dices, deluding its innocent watchers every single day.

But a book annihilated that notion for me. In The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, John C. Maxwell slowly taught my feeble mind. It’s a tiny spark that lead to correct knowledge on how to live a much saner life. It’s a game changer and I never want to listen to those little voices again. Those mere-luck-to-happiness recipes are pathetic. We can choose better.

Robert Kiyosaki, bestselling author of the phenomenal Rich Dad Poor Dad, said that luck is not mere randomness of blessings and curses, instead luck is ‘Laboring Under Correct Knowledge’.

It means that we must pursue wisdom in its established sources like books, seminars, blogs, and mentors. Don’t listen to your divorced uncle how to handle marriage. Never listen to your broke brother-in-law how to handle money. Respect and love them, but it doesn’t mean listening to their bozo formulas. Instead, be weird a little bit and eat lessons from the tables of the greats. Learn like no one else today, so you can live and give like no one else tomorrow.

It also means laboring, yes, we need to do the good old-school hardwork armed with the guts to never ever quit. When all others raised their hand in surrender, take the next step and be the crazy dreamer. Perseverance never fails because it never acknowledges failure as the end.

Be humble enough to acknowledge that we must always be students of wisdom and act and persevere in courage. Have a tough heart willing to endure setbacks, criticisms and disappointments. Having this breed of luck is saner for us, let’s bet on this.

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