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I’m in a mall yesterday casually looking at the latest evolution of smartphones. The phones are splayed at the ergonomically designed table with comfortable couches at the side so anyone can indulge in a techie euphoria.

The hands-on experience immediately sucks part of me as my fingers touched the high-definition display. I drool (an exaggerated admiration for a gadget) at the sleek stainless hardware design. I whispered praises for the designers and engineers who made these devices a reality for common folks like me.

In the field of electronics, two companies that I admire are Apple and Sony. Besides their superbly chosen names (unlike other names like LG, HTC, or Huawei), there are something in them that pull your instinct to believe in their products. They are masters in designing and engineering hardware with sleek and sexy spirit with a touch of purity and elegance.

In terms of operating systems, I equally admire their offering: Apple with iOS7, Sony got Android. I grew up with Android so I’m more adept at it even others are intimated by its wide customizations. Using iOS7, even for the first time, was a complete pleasure because of its simplicity, a user manual is unnecessary, thanks Steve Jobs!

Holding a sleek smartphone for more than 10 seconds would trigger a childish nudge in me. “I want this! I love it! I need it!” My eyes was fixated at the latest waterproof offering of Sony as my mind enumerated all the cherry benefits and coolness I would get if I just purchase the thing right there.

My emotions are all wrapped up pushing me to buy. There’s a grin in me that says that I can purchase it and be with that phone that summons materialistic lust in me. Then a weird war started in my brain. One kingdom was fighting for the freedom of buying the coveted gadget and the other side was striving to win for the great cause of reason for financial security.

In the end, I walked out of the store and religiously said to myself that I don’t really need that new smartphone. I already have an entry-level Sony smartphone and it serves me just fine. If I just forget to mentally compare its specifications with its new sibling, I would be perfectly contented. It’s a choice, and I’m choosing it.

I reminded myself that I can be grateful for the smartphone I got now. Updating regularly for the sake of petting lust is foolish. Better be responsible with my financial resources for financial independence in the future. I need to purchase like a responsible adult not like an emotional child.

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