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Perfect. Perfect wife. Perfect vocation. Perfect art. Perfect life. Perfection is the only expectation, the only destination of our aspiration.

Excellence is the only line. We’re constantly in the lookup of heaven-grade things to please ourselves and others. Errors do not belong to the family. We don’t tolerate it, we pronounce imperfection as only for those who are in desperation. For losers.

So we do our art. We write the article and revise it again and again until the flow of the message will make Shakespeare’s jaw drop. We design the website until the tiniest padding is in harmony with the spirituality of Zen. We rehearse the song until the birds are praising you and competing for your autograph. We are designed in and for paradise so we set our hearts to produce only art deserving for the heaven museum and applause of angels.

It’s a good aspiration. But it’s a delusion. Many of us never ship our art at all.

Because we’re afraid

We’re afraid to deliver the speech because we’re not as persuading as Dale Carnegie.

We’re afraid to post the article because our prose is not yet on the same caliber as Dickens’.

We’re afraid to sing because our voices are not as mesmerizing as a songbird.

I hope I know all the secrets to achieve perfection in any field. But, to the disappointment of millions of artist, it is not in existence. We must embrace the truth that we can’t produce the perfect thing. But we can always act in courage and deliver our best thing!

Ship it anyway

Your art might not be perfect, but ship it anyway! Surely it will be criticized, but why not? Critics cling to perfection as their sole meter every single time. But don’t be chicken like them! Listen to their grumbling mouth and give thanks for their free service of evaluation. Move on and live your dreams anyway.

Don’t be a victim of the myth called perfection. Perfection is a myth in our imperfect world. Perfection is on another side of life, so don’t exhaust all your aspiration trying to reach it. Instead, keep evaluating (with the help of your ever loyal critics) and revising your craft. You’ll never be a master of perfection but you can always be the master of reincarnation.

Show up. Post the article. Sing the song. Print the design. Deliver the message. Always remember that 90% work of art published is eternally better than 100% art stuck in the head of the artist.

I can’t imagine how many masterpieces, heart-warming songs and life-changing books were not contributed to the world because the creator vainly waited for perfection. Resist the resistance and do the work every day. Trust the process and thrust for success.

Practice publicly. And yes, fail publicly. You might not be a total artist but you’ll always be a living artist if you show up and ship your art anyway.

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