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We human have a certain blindness of appreciation. We don’t really take the time to give thanks for the gifts of life until we realized that it might have an end. We rarely think about the significance of a relationship thinking that she will always be there. We eat unhealthy foods and rarely exercise thinking our body is invisible to cheaters.

But we can never deny that our gifts in this life are limited. So better appreciate and take them in our heart every day.

The wake-up moment happened to me last night. I’m reading a blog post on my laptop when my right vision became blurry and gloomy. It came to the point when I can’t read the letters on the screen without closing my right eye so I can focus with my left.

“No… Don’t go…” I whispered, as if my eye will be sympathetic to the feeling of loss I’m dreading. Image of the future without my right vision formed in my mind. Can I live with that handicap? What if I lose my sight altogether?

I closed the laptop and got into the bed and engaged in deep reflection. I prayed. It amazed me how authentic my prayer was with those genuine fear, and I remembered how petty my prayers are before this happened.

I remembered Gabriel, the former caretaker of our school facilities. He’s living with pure faith in God and I never saw see him unhappy. His focus on the right things and people in life are intense even though he never saw them. He’s blind.

My vision got back to normal this morning. I looked at the sky and whispered thanks. Then I heard a voice in me to never let a single day pass without acknowledging and caring for the gifts I’ve been given: health, relationships, intellect, passion and life. They are limited but the chance of giving thanks to them don’t know any limit.

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