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The voices started whispering when you’re in first grade.

“You can’t do that? Nobody else has done it?”

“We will always be poor. Don’t try to be rich.”

“Who do you think you are?”

“You don’t have the qualifications.”

“International speaker? You’re deluded!”

“You’re not good in school. Your business will be bankrupt in one year, I’m sure of it.”

Turn down the volume of their discouragement for a while and listen to your aspirations. And please say to them, “Who says?”

Who says that you can’t be awesome? Who says that you can’t escape average? Who says that you can’t develop and improve? Who says that you can’t make a difference?

Your resolve to be successful is the most important thing. Don’t let the little voices determine your decisions. Listen to your own. Find what you love and do the work that matters.

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