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There is an unsaid ideal in our generation. Our lives are now deeply entrenched into multiple social media and we can now post our photos (selfie, whacky-selfie album updated edition) and share what’s happening in our lives for all the world to see. We choose the best update and spread what we believe what others will notice, what others might think as cool.

We want to be “liked”. Whenever we post our new profile picture, we’re secretly wishing that the world would recognize the face and hit like in response. And that longing for affirmation is a valid human desire, it is authentic, coming from our deep need to be needed, liked, and loved.

But what if you don’t receive 100 likes? What if nobody commented? What if your update was noticed by nobody? What if your update that means a lot for you just got buried in the news feed? No notification means no joy?

Don’t be discouraged. Your self-worth is not determined by external affirmations or a database hit into the MySQL servers of Facebook (Geeks understand this kind of language). No need to be sulky, there’s a place for you in all the more important social connection in your life: family, real friends in real life (not just a profile you added on Facebook that you don’t really know), society, church, and God.

Don’t burn your spirit trying hard to portray a phony perfect life on Facebook. Instead, choose to paint an authentic smile in your face for your loved ones, this smile is a thousand times more meaningful than a “feeling happy” emoticon. Affirm yourself that you’re valuable and loved, because it is true. You don’t need 100 likes to be happy, you already have 10,000 reasons to be joyful.

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