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If you want to have enemies, then go and try to change something.

It is natural for us humans to be comfortable with the way things are. We easily drift to our mental couch and find little stimulation for a safe and sometimes-happy life. We know that something can change for the better, but we’re too comfortable now to move out of that state.

Even though the course of our life, society, or religion are going slowly downhill, we don’t want a radical leader to have an uncanny courage to disrupt the status quo. A “crazy one” would be deemed as heretic and we religiously done it again and again.

People hate change. They want to be settled, even the place of their settlement is dangerously meaningless, they would rather sleep to that deprive state and wait to be ushered out of this life. “This is us, don’t change it.”

It’s when someone who have a vision of a different future and take the steps to make it reality that the public would go berserk and conspicuously do everything to stop the movement. They don’t want any hero to save them from their comfortable sofas.

We don’t want a messiah. We’re poor agents of the status quo.

Be a hero not for the fame but for the game

If you possess the eyes that can see what can be better and have the courage to follow your vision, accept the challenging truth that you’re a minority battling against the fatty majority. But be assured that your conviction is greater than any numbers or criticisms. You have the rare fire that can ignite a positive change in your family, school, government, religion, or society. Never let it die down, fan the passion and be a hero not for the fame but for the game you wish to change.

Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther, Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Benjamin Franklin, Steve Jobs and many great leaders were challenged and endured many opposition because of the fire they are ignited. But through it all, they persisted and made their vision a reality: abolition of slavery, proclamation of God’s grace, civil rights, peace, authentic love, free country, and insanely great innovations.

Even Jesus, who, we Christians believe to be the Son of God was persecuted and impaled to a cross of his enemies. No exception. We’re not here to please everybody, we’re here to release all our passion and ability.

If you have a burning burden in you. Don’t just sit there and kill the revolution in you day after day by your inaction. Do your calling. Start your cause one step at a time. Martin Luther first act was the posting of the 95 theses on the door of the established church. Take the first step, write the article, speak to the group, do something differently, refuse to be subjected by tyranny. Do change. See change. Live for a better change.

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