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While I’m traveling back to school yesterday, I saw a man that deserves the admiration of men, he’s an ice cream vendor – in a wheelchair.

A question emerged in me, “Why?” Why in spite of his disability, he still continue to do right thing, to work hard and provide for his family? He possess a near perfect alibi to sit on the bench of life for the rest of his days. Some people, in the same situation, blame God and everything for their situation. But that man didn't. And he affirm his answer every time his hands push the wheels.

Then the answer came, “Why not?”

We who are whole, with no physical disability, must not let our imagined disabilities to tyrannize our potentials. If we can do something good, why not do it? Why we are holding back?

Why you are waiting for all things to be in order before you move? You are the one that must lead, you are the mover.

Why wait for the whole society to give you permission to do the right thing, when you know absolutely that it is the right thing to do? You’re not born to be a people-pleaser, you’re born to be a game changer.

Why not be the model of character to save your disintegrating family values? If you are aware of the wrong, you can exemplify the right.

Why not be the change you wish to see in the world? You can be.

We don’t need more reasons, we need stronger courage. Like that disabled ice cream vendor, each one of us can do the right thing in spite of anything.

He is courageous. We all must be.

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