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Knowing heaven is what heals us on earth.
-Mitch Albom

Life here on earth is not a total bliss. Even though we pump ourselves with all the optimistic messages, life would sometimes hit us with a brick. Hope seems fading in the horizon. Disappointment smirked. Our faces are marred by tears.

We want the best things and the best moments, and yes, they are valid wishes. Who doesn’t ask for a good existence? But they are not guaranteed, sometimes they don’t come in the packaging we expect. And sometimes, the complete antonym of your wish was the one delivered at your doorstep.

We long for the answer for our affliction, but like the biblical character Job, we’re often not given a philosophical explanation but a deeper reason to continue – to believe in a higher purpose or to believe in our God.

It’s a tyrannical pain when you realized that a chaotic dream is really now your reality. When someone that matters to you was now lost. When his presence would never be present again. When a dream you have worked so hard for halted down to ashes. When the daughter you’ve been praying for all these years didn’t came out breathing.

What now? What would be your response? Could you trust the teaching you’ve been holding? Can you even trust yourself that you can really bear the pain?

This might be another mushy sentiment to your ears, but in your period of unbearable pain, remember that …

There is life after this life.

Pain may seem to consume us here, but joy would engulfed us in another side of eternity. Tears of loss and regret might haunt us to our last moment, but the spring of joy won’t stop flowing when our feet was finally set on heaven.

The pain of separation would be replaced by the delight of reconnection. And the overarching desire in your soul would finally make sense when you met your Maker.

“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”
-C.S. Lewis


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