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Success is the sum of a small successful effort repeated day in and day out.
-Jim Rohn

  • Text messaging 
  • Email 
  • Instant Noodles 
  • One night stand 
  • Amazon 1-Click 
Our culture conditioned us to get what we want in minutes. We want it fast, right here and now.

But most of worthwhile things are not instant. They doesn’t follow the imposed ideal of our childish emotions. Healthy relationships are not built in 3 minutes. Influence can’t be founded in a half-hour presentation. Sexual intimacy don’t blossom in first meeting.

We need to escape the fast-paced expectation of our hare culture and embrace the good-old-school virtue of a faithful tortoise in view of more important things. Yes, some things deserves to be instant (text messaging, ambulance, CPR), but not everything. We are falling further and further in delusion if we’re believing that everything will adhere to that faulty ideal.

It’s not slacking or sleeping while you can do something for you to get closer to your goals, it’s the acknowledgement that building success, in all areas of life, takes time and consistent effort. Time is not only measured in minutes, it can also be measured in months, years and decades. And success favors the longer timeline. If not, much of the population will be successful today.

Think about that.

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