Love is the most beautiful thing in the world. It can give you the heartiest smile and the feeling of completeness or even more. It can wipe your inmost fears and make you stand strong for its sake. Love is the source of life, the sunshine that lights up our existence.

But it can also be the source of your deepest pain. The feeling of abandonment caused by a diluted love can’t be written into words. It’s a pain that transcends our understanding and breaks our most established defenses.

In the midst of pain that leaves you hopeless, can healing begins? In moments void of any glimmer of joy, is the promise of an enduring love can still be trusted?

Yes and always.

What you’ve done is bravery. You opened and made yourself vulnerable to love. You risked brokenness. And that courage is always worthy of admiration. Remember that in the right time, the person you meant to have would crossed your path. Maybe you won’t understand at first, but moment after moment, you’ll finally see that God is really writing your love story – a beautiful tapestry of two destinies.

There’s always a person that would fulfill his promise no matter what, a person courageous enough to love you till the end. He is the only exception in this world full of unfaithfulness. He won’t hesitate to give you his complete affection, every day and every moment.

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