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Dreams paints colors to our lives. It engineers coherence of our actions to achieve a worthwhile endeavor. Aside from meaningful relationships, we need to have a mission that we will commit to and work on every day. It’s the calling of the soul. It reinvigorates our sense of meaning and our longing for contribution. We’re not made to be comfortable and bored all through our lives, but to be conquerors of the status quo and maker of a meaningful change for the better.

As we read about other dreamers, who, with fiery passion and relentless determination even in the midst of intense rejections, became achievers, enjoyed their journey and pushed the human race forward, we get this tendency to become too attached to the aspirations and impact made by that individual. “I’ll be like him!” becomes our persistent voice.

It’s good to be inspired and heartened by a person to also leave a significant mark, but there’s a reality that we must gratefully accept – we’re not that person and we can’t really achieve identical attainments. There is no second Steve Jobs, no second Mahatma Gandhi, no second Mother Theresa.

You’re an entirely different and specifically designed individual who have unique lenses, skills and aspirations that you can use to create a distinct positive impact for our society. This truth is not a limitation but a cause for celebration, being you and singing your own unique voice is the very thing you need to embrace for you to be fulfilled and for others to be served.

Be grateful for your models, maybe they ignited your passion in the same field, but don’t naively strive to be exactly like him. Their unique marks can’t be duplicated. There is no second Albert Einstein, you are called to make your own mark.

Be a first class you, not a second class of someone. An original is always better than an imitation. Besides, duplicating someone is blood draining, letting your own uniqueness flow in you is the essence of genuine living.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
-Oscar Wilde

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