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To be with your better half is one of life’s happiest experience. You feel more than alive when someone loves you, someone wakes up at night thinking of you, when someone always stands by the door waiting for your arrival.

Imagine waking up every day with the assurance that the person beside you has chosen to commit her whole self to be the channel of God’s love for you. A partner that would always choose to love, choose to care, and choose to be faithful. She’s a gift that every husband must delight on, she’s equivalent to thousand promises fulfilled, concentrated in one.

Unfulfilled Promises

For a man not yet married like me, it’s saddening to see couples who were no longer appreciating the gift of relationship they can’t wait to have before. They promised to be dedicated to each other, to believe in each other when no else is, to encourage their partner when they are face with discouraging circumstances. But those promises are confirmed to be loss whenever they are facing each other full of anger and blistering criticisms.

I believe every husband promised to be the lifetime prince to her princess, a man who would live every breath protecting and loving her lady. But why? Why he’s now doing those disrespectful acts to his princess? Why the prince turned to a cruel housemate?

Maybe I’m still innocent about this issue, a mere child who don’t know how it hard it is to maintain a loving commitment to an indifferent spouse. But I would always refuse to accept the excuses of any man for not putting effort in loving her wife. That’s irresponsible, a childish act, a silent crime every man must avoid.

The world would be a better place if every husband and wife would strive to fulfill the promises they made on their wedding day. Children would have full emotional love thank because they would get the overflowing affection from their parents. Family units would be strengthened. Individuals would have deeper anchors in life because they would have stronger foundations of love. Chaos and violence would be lessened. Harmony would flourished in every aspects of our society because the tiniest units are in congruence.

That kind of world is all we’re longing for. All of that would happened, I believed, if every husband and wife would love their partner to the best they can, no strings attached.

Fulfill your promises! Don’t start the break in your family by not giving the love you’re designed to give. Loving your spouse is the greatest good you can do for your children, for your society. All of your religion is worthless without the marks of love given unconditionally. Second to God, your spouse must be the greatest receiver of your affection, no excuses can change that.

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