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"Some people read so little, they have rickets of the mind."
- Jim Rohn

“I don’t have time.”

“I’m not rich. I don’t have enough money to buy such trivial things!”

“My eyes protest whenever I try”

“What can I get from those papers? I already know everything!”

“Books? Do you think I’m nerd?”

“I can’t! I just can’t.”

They are the reasons why some people can’t land their hands in a book. Majority of Filipinos are seeing books as obscure elements that have nothing do with real life. Maybe they are traumatized by the phenomenal boringness of academic books in school. They are thinking that people who read are simply out of sense of real fun.

I do believe that readers are, in some way, weird. They do think different and have different lenses on how they view people and situations. And that’s good.

The benefits of reading books are simply tremendous. Books can build the foundation of healthy thinking and lead you to have more common sense which is not so common today. Thousands of writers and readers are almost shouting for the majority of people to change their paradigm to books, to watch less TV and try more reading. 

Lamp Posts

Books are like lamp posts that can illuminate the dark and mysterious parts of our existence. They enlighten our way and give guidance that we desperately need. They correct us in a gentle way and can redirect our thinking to a wiser direction. They give a wider and deeper perspective on the most important things in life.

For example, the thinking about money in our culture is too twisted that so many people are falling deeper and deeper into ditch because of their incurring debt. Money is not just a logical subject, it is also packed with intense emotions and many people are letting its power to dominate over them. Everybody has an opinion on how to handle it and thinks that if the whole world would just listen to their preaching, all the financial headaches would be solved. Some people are even using religion to be irresponsible in the way they treat their money. And yes, even broke people claim to be knowledgeable about it as they smugly announce their fouled knowledge.

But reading a book written by an author who compiled and distilled his precious experiences and lessons learned from other books, mentors and embarrassing mistakes is one of the real thing that would make you enlightened about a subject like money. Reading a refined thinking from the pages of a book is receiving a priceless wisdom that nobody must miss, unless you’re planning to also do those stupid mistakes. You just can’t deny yourself the opportunity to receive those insights. Books are only worth few dollars, you can even borrow the money from your kids!

With nurtured thinking because of reading, much of our confusion and fears would be eliminated. With enlightened mind, you would find yourself more decisive and persevering. You would fail from time to time, but you would get up again because you’re confident that it can be done!

The reason why the human race continues to move forward is because of the leadership of people who are stepping on the wisdom of the previous civilization in order to reach a higher ground. And more than anything, written words let the flow of wisdom to continue and become richer and richer since humans started to care about progress.

Read books and light up lamp posts in your life. With those lights, you can lead yourself and then help others. Don’t miss the opportunity to make a creative impact. Read and lead.

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