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It’s amazing how the destiny of a man and a woman intersect and spark a dreamlike link. A unique warm affection would start to grow inside them, affection that would make them awake for countless nights thinking of each other, an irresistible longing to be on each other’s arms in every waking moments. Thousands of affirmation of their love would pave the way for their hearts to commit to each other until their last beats.

No one can deny that the pure love a husband and a wife shares is one of the most precious gem on earth. It’s a mark of meaning, an utmost representation of joy in our existence. A thousand roses blooms whenever two souls finally admit they belong to each other.

A love relationship is a gift, in the truest and richest meaning it can have. Maybe we won’t be fully comprehend its magic, but we can all experience and acknowledge it every day. If you’re in a love relationship right now, then you’re a blessed recipient of a priceless gift, never deny it with neglect or contempt.

Please treasure your lady, she’s your lighting fire. Please be faithful to your man, he’s your lifelong hero. Choose honesty over infidelity. Choose understanding over nagging. Choose caring over blaming.

I believe that God is always delighted to see a couple never letting go of each other in spite of any challenges, reaffirming their marriage bows every time they choose to let their love flow. It’s a promise kept, a love tightened that never fails to make this life worth living.

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