There are two kinds of people in the world: those who believe there are two kinds of people in the world, and those who don’t.

It’s funny that we love to categorize people. And the number two is the most esteemed number of categorization. Here are few samples:

  • Introvert and Extrovert
  • Awesome and Average
  • Right-Brainers and Left-Brainers (Creative/Logical)
  • Cool and Uncool
  • Believers and Unbelievers 
  • Dreamers and Spectators
  • Beauties and the Beasts (Okay, that’s a joke)
But one of my favorite is this: The Nerd and the Free Spirit. Well, I know that you have a strong image of what a nerd looks like, but let’s erase our board for a while and start anew in describing them.


Contrary to culture’s stereotype, nerds have a life outside of math, physics, or Java. They are just naturally (they prefer to use ‘genetically’ rather than ‘naturally’) analytical, control freaks, and black hole for information.

They have budget (they are the only people who bother to have one). They religiously carry a list whenever they are shopping. They don’t like surprises (because they don’t have the buffer time to analyze and rehearse the most efficient response). Always have a journal. And they already know 73.9 percent of your life before your appointed meeting with them.

They are the people of the mind. They are the ones who would write this kind of blog post. The ones who think that there are actually two kinds of people in the world.

Free Spirit

First of all, they hate definitions. They are the freest human beings running around (and tumbling around). They live in the calling of their heart. Strong-willed. Fun loving. Party people. They simply hate Excel and they are the ones who call nerds as nerds.

They love sports and loud music, anything that vibrates life is their interest. Please don’t hire them as your computer programmers, they would just dive in Facebook the whole day. Just kidding.

Where are them? They are not reading this post, they are watching Katy Perry’s Roar for the ninety sixth time.


These two kinds of people often have disagreements, but they are awesomely fitting in marriage and in our world. When they are together, the nerd is soaked up in his smartphone (recently updated with latest Android KitKat 4.4, rooted and optimized for maximum efficiency) searching for the latest productivity apps, while the Free Spirit is jacked in his iPod (with a flappy bird sticker at the back) listening and grooving to the tune of What Does The Fox Say?.

Without Nerds, we wouldn’t have the majority or our technological advances that we’re taking for granted now (yes, even the browser you’re using right now). Without the thinkers, maybe we’re still in a cave, singing the prehistoric version of Call Me Baby.

Without Free Sprits, party wouldn’t be invented. Laughing time would be in schedule. Everything would be logged. Extreme nerds would push the human race to the most advanced efficiency and boringness. And all computers would still operate with command line interface (they would deemed the first Macintosh as childish).

It’s nice that God created the two of them.

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