Almost all of us experienced a wondrous childhood. A period of time when we’re free to roam and play in full immersion. We met many friends, relished on pranks, fell in love, recognized for our cute talents and found countless thrilling activities.

Every child must receive and enjoy those gifts. Parents who are overly serious about the future of their children and force their little ones to study and study and study are causing more damage than good (unless studying is a joy for the child). All children have the right to nurture their creativity and imagination, and they rarely blossom in a boring institutional environment.

All of us must cultivate our sense of possibilities so we would have the courage to take chances and flourish in the next chapter of our lives. Right after you’re officially called as an adult, life would hand you its challenges: the challenge of finding and doing a meaningful vocation, the challenge of building financial stability, the challenge to be a loving lifetime partner to your better half, the challenge of nurturing your sons and daughters, the challenge of living and leaving a legacy for the next generation, and the challenge of living a God-honoring life.

But not all, not even a third of the population are willing to take these challenges.

Some people never learned to let go of their childish ways which are controlled by emotions, and tragically quenched their childlike ways which are creative and imaginative. As a result, they live with an operating system that sap out energies, irritate relationships, eliminate opportunities, and cuts meaning and happiness.

They don’t want to be deemed responsible for whatever disappointments they have in their marriage, in their financial life, and their legacy. They voluntary succumbed in the illusion that they are still cute babies that needed cute attention, children in adult bodies.

Have you ever seen a person dancing ineptly? The one who, second after second, looks at his right or left because he doesn’t know (and doesn’t really care about practicing) the steps. The one who makes watching the performance from entertaining to annoying because of his halfhearted movements that screams “I don’t want to be here!” He’s just spending the least energy to execute the least necessary moves in order to perform a “good enough” performance. But good enough is really not enough.

Or a basketball player trotting around the court with no intention of winning, too afraid of the ball, and just waiting for the opportunity to laugh at the mistakes of committed players. A person with a mind so toxic that he can’t see the value of real sport, let alone play it.

Please don’t do that in real life. It’s sickening. It’s mocking the very gift of existence. It’s a mockery against your God and against the people that your life affects.

This is your life, are you who you want to be?

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