Life isn’t easy. Challenges are there to test your guts, your willingness to face failures and handle things you never wished to handle. It’s tempting to hide, to resign away from the game of life and never letting it hurt you again.

But challenges are not meant to bring you down to the bottom and seal any way out, they are there to make you realize that you can fall to the bottom and still remain the ability to climb. J.K. Rowling, author of the phenomenal Harry Potter series, said at her Harvard Commencement speech “I was set free because my greatest fear had been realized, and I still had a daughter who I adored, and I had an old typewriter and a big idea. And so rock bottom became a solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”

Challenges are challenges, not destinations. Have the courage to face them, they’re not meant to lead you to a permanent place - they are meant to teach you to believe in yourself, to discover more of you and nurture your eyes to see that anything, anything is possible.

Better be rejected in trying to explore the possibilities than be dejected at the end because you’ve let your cowardice dwarfs your courage. Better be rejected at the middle than dejected at the end.

Embrace your identity, your own mark, and the way that you’re designed and engineered by the Almighty. You are yourself for a purpose, and you’d never discover it if you’re purposely backing away from life.

If you cannot believe in yourself, then who else would believe in you?

Yes, God and other people are believing in you, but they’re believing in you to bring you to realization that you can attune your heart to the truth – that you can also believe. They’re trusting in you, never forsake their encouragement. If they’re for you, if God is for you, then what challenges can be against you?

Let your life shines as it’s designed to be, not what others think it should be. In a world that constantly pushing you to be someone else, the most courageous you can do is to be yourself. When all else is falling, rise up and take the stand.

Believing in yourself is never a selfish act. Lots of people who don’t believe in themselves are making themselves victims, recklessly blaming and selfishly demanding others to give them what they think they deserve. Never be one of them.

In the end, believing in yourself is one of the most selfless act you can do, because you would have the chance to lead, to make something happen for yourself and others, to make this world better. If you don’t believe that you can give something worthwhile, then all your 'service' would be a duty, you would constantly grumble and silently demand for payback. Never let your ministry becomes your misery. Genuine service stems from nurtured individuals, grateful people who simply can’t stop finding ways to give back.

Believe in yourself and make anything possible for the highest good.

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