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Never underestimate the value of your profession. All professions have deeper purposes. They are not there just for us to do something so we can have a paycheck at the end of the month, they are also there to give us opportunity to contribute to the healthy functioning of our society, or make it better.

Take for example the physicists, I’m currently reading a biography of Einstein and I’m astounded by the weight of his contribution not just in the realm of physics but also with the industries that physics affects. What he has done with his mind, paper, and pen pushed the human race forward in remarkable ways. And all scientists are discovering science in pursuit of contribution to humanity.

We’re in debt with industrial designers. They are the people that speak design language and passionately craft products with simplicity so we can use them with ease and make our daily doings more efficient and pleasurable. Jony Ive of Apple is a great example. Think of all his contribution in the world of product design: iMac, MacBook, iPod, iPhone, iPad. He’s one of the leading proponent of design wholeness and simplicity. All designers are doing that, eliminating carelessness and integrating beauty and wholeness to the products we use.

Programmers contribute heavily to the advancement of human race. They may not have a rockstar status in public, but what they are crafting in the front of their computers is a testament to human genius and creativity. They’re hammering their heads, solving complicated problems, and devising efficient algorithms to produce an app that would give power to thousands or even millions of users to do something productive (or entertaining) with their devices. Apple said it well on their upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference, “Write the code. Change the world.”

Imagine a world without civil engineers. Would we have the infrastructures in our cities without their wizardry? Would we managed to build something that would last without their passion for building?

Millions of teachers are working late at night just to prepare their lessons the next day. They are faithfully teaching so they can nurture the hearts and minds of next generation.

Volunteers around the world are working hard with their hands and hearts so they can impart unconditional love to the neglected individuals in obscure communities. With every step and smile they make, they reignite their mission to make this life better for everyone they can help.

I wrote this post to encourage all of us currently working, even to those individuals who think that what they’re doing has no worth whatsoever or not within the category the “noble” professions. Your work is not just work, it’s a role. What you’re doing is not an obligation, it’s an opportunity. It’s not for money, it’s for meaning. The truth is you’re doing something meaningful for others and in some way, making this life better for your community.

The real purpose of every profession is service. We can never be happy in our work without the component of intentional service. You’re not just in business, you’re in the business of enriching lives.

Develop an app to make someone’s life more integrated.

Paint an art to reborn the beauty in the mundane.

Engineer a device to make souls connected.

Compose a song to touch someone’s heart.

Teach to nurture minds.

Preach to change lives.

Design to simplify.

Write to inspire.

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