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“I’m born untalented.”

“We are poor.”

“My parents never nurtured me.”

“They abused me.”

“I’m ugly.”

“I can’t amount to anything because…”

“Life cheated me.”

Each one of us have disappointments. No one is exempted from the negatives, from the apparent lack of fairness of life.

It’s easy to go finger pointing, to blame all other faces and spaces for our miseries. You entered the game cheated, right? Then it’s your duty to pay back life with its misalignment.

But it won’t work

Besides, it’s exhausting. Blaming is never part of any game, it’s the poor habit of those people who can’t accept the reality they’re facing. Irresponsibly, they’re deflecting the opportunity to live a mature life, asking themselves why happiness eludes them no matter how much comfort they have.

Let’s not let our life’s initial variables affect the whole outcome. You can influence it. You can change it. And you can spend your life living for something or Someone bigger, being grateful for every single day and doing your all to give back to others.

You have the talents. Nurture them.

Never wait for permission. Just do it.

Never be a nagger. Be a changer.

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